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Style Decoration Home With The Use Of Wicker

Do you have a house that is full of old furnishings that need to go? Do you want to inject some new life into your home? A great way to accomplish that is with the use of wicker furniture. Wicker is also perfect for people moving into new homes that do not have any furnishings at all. Your furniture will leave a lasting impression on any of the guests that you invite over. Therefore, you should put some effort into selecting them. There are certainly many different styles of furniture that are available for you to choose from. Here are some of the main reasons why wicker is a good furniture option.

1. It will not cost you much

Wicker is certainly not one of the most expensive furniture materials available on the market. Therefore, it is a style of furniture that is easily affordable to people of all income levels. You should be able to buy yourself a couple of very good looking pieces of wicker furnishings no matter how strapped you are for cash. It will not break the bank of most people to furnish their entire home with wicker furnishings if that is what they desire.

2. It is a durable material

You want a piece of furniture to last for a long time if you are going to spend your hard-earned money on it. Therefore, the durability of the material the furniture is made out of should be one of your biggest concerns. Wicker can last for an extremely long time if it is properly cared for. You must be sure to treat your wicker furnishings with the proper protective coating if you plan on keeping it outside. Doing this will ensure that it is able to stand up to the elements without rotting. A store with a giant selection of wicker furnishings is Wicker Paradise. See what they have in stock by visiting

3. It can blend in with any decoration style

Most people have to stop and consider if a piece of furniture will match the style of decoration in their home. However, this is not necessary if you are shopping for wicker furnishings. Wicker has the unique ability to blend in seamlessly to a wide variety of design schemes. It has a timeless appearance that will remain appealing no matter what environment it is placed in. It is also perfect for both indoor and outdoor use.

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How To Help Make Your Air More Pleasant

Household odors are embarrassing. Few remarks can cause your cheeks to flush as quickly as a guest’s offhanded comment, “What is that smell?” Even worse, a bad scent in your house often is the harbinger of dangerous problems, such as mold infestations, food spoilage, and households pests, such as mice and insects. If your house isn't smell its freshest, don’t panic. Below are several actions you can take to keep your home smelling fresh.

Don’t Rely Only on Air Fresheners

Air fresheners are the bandages of home cleaning. Although they may smell pleasant in the short-term period, indoor air quality specialists report that they fail to fix to root causes of unpleasant household odors. Even worse, air fresheners are often the source of chemical contamination, reducing your home's indoor air quality (IAQ) considerably.

Moreover, the scent in your standard air freshener is wholly artificial. Do yourself a favor and create a better odor-reduction plan than simply buying air fresheners at the supermarket.

Wash Your Dishes

Your kitchen can harbor all types of food aromas. Decaying food can leave a lingering aroma behind. This problem is especially pronounced in the sink. Dishes with food particles on them may cause recurring odor problems that gradually spread throughout your house. Be sure to clean any food particles off your dishes immediately after using them and wash them regularly.

Run the food disposal unit when food waste accumulates, and be sure to periodically run deodorizing soap or thinly sliced lemon peel down the disposal as well to prevent problems from emerging.

Clean the Carpet

Keeping your carpets in perfect shape doesn’t begin and end with vacuuming. As people walk on carpets, debris can get pushed into the carpeting by foot traffic. Even after the items of garbage are vacuumed up, odors and stains can stay and become baked into the floor. Children and family pets can also exacerbate the problem.

To counteract carpet odors, use a deodorizing carpet powder. Sprinkle the powder onto the carpet, allow the powder to sit on the carpet for a few minutes, and then vacuum the carpet to remove the powder.

Decorate With Indoor Houseplants

Growing some indoors plants is a great way to both remove unpleasant smells and brighten up your place. Tending plants can seem like work, but in fact, the amount of care required by a plant varies widely by the type. Succulent plants, for instance, need relatively little water and are a good choice for people who are often away from home and can't be present to water plants. As far as scents, plants such as jasmine and orchids can help make your air more pleasant. Certainly the first step to addressing your house’s odor problem is simply admitting that a problem exists. While realizing that carelessness with debris and an inadequate cleaning regimen are embarrassing sources of the problems, you can take some steps to solve home odor issues before they worsen and compromise your home's indoor air quality.

When Old Meets New: Combining Vintage & Modern Without Fear

There is certainly an argument to be made that modern is vintage and vice versa. Interior design is a unique beast that draws inspiration from the past and combines it with a more contemporary appeal. And, it must be said, it works. What's more, it makes the ever changing landscape of interior design much easier to bear. While trends come and go more quickly than you can keep up with, they're often subtle differences. Little nuances that can be easily switched around to create an entirely new aura in any room.

It's refreshing. You should never allow your home to become too complacent. Taking pride in your interiors is what every homeowner should strive for. There are other considerations, of course, like sustainability and ethical design. But the most important factor to always keep in mind is to look constantly for ways to refresh your decor. A common misconception is that keeping up appearances is an expensive affair, but it doesn't need to be. Dramatic overhauls, by and large, aren't really necessary. Instead, focusing on subtle changes can be relatively painless but can result in a profound transformation.

You can never go far wrong by embracing vintage furnishings. The way interior design works is very much in peaks and troughs. Trends will come and go and come again. Trying to latch onto every shift in momentum will only result in an ongoing uphill battle, and you'll never quite reach the top. There always has - and always will - be a place for vintage in design, though. And there is an abundance of ways you can utilize it. Here are our top tips for using vintage sporadically throughout your home.

The First Rule of Vintage Club

It's not what you think it is. Okay, so vintage vibes aren't all that easy to pull off. If you go overboard, you risk making your home look a little outdated, antiquated and out of touch. So, what's the best way to incorporate hints of vintage throughout your home? By combining them with more modern stylings. The idea of mixing up traditional and contemporary elements together isn't a new revelation. Nor is it unique to the interior design world.

The best way to achieve a perfect balance is by creating a modern environment that contains more traditional elements. Sort of a juxtaposition of stylings from then and now. That, in essence, is exactly what interior design is all about. Taking older elements and giving them a new lease of life. Nothing is new. Every idea, concept and design is borrowed; harking back to a time gone by. Every single piece of design can be traced back to an older origin. The trick is finding a way to work in harmony, and giving it a modern spin.

Furniture designers like Ian Snow understand this concept well. They take organic elements - even bound by imperfection - and give them a spin to make them work in a modern setting. It is, however, easier said than done. Designers all around the world are striving for a perfect balance, and may go some way to explaining why trends evolve so frequently.

Opposites Attract

One of the biggest fears for designers is clashing. It has been a significant problem at the forefront of design thinking for as long as I can remember. Some designers have come to fear taking chances while their more successful counterparts embrace it. That's the secret to a successful design plan - taking risks. You may well come across a couple of duds, but you can make it work with some smart thinking.

Of course, it helps immeasurably if you have an understanding of what will work together already. Which colours will offset other tones and shades? What furniture will highlight a room? How natural light can enhance certain feelings? The likelihood is that, by frequenting this blog, you already have an interest in interior design. Think about things that you already know. Look at your previous patterns to see what worked, and what didn't work so well.

There is no doubt in my mind that one of the most successful design styles is to combine old and new. This kind of hybrid is where you'll find the most success; provided you know when and how to use it. Remember - the second rule of vintage club is not to create chaos, but to look considered and measured.

Draw Inspiration From Foreign Design

Taking cues from more exotic locations is one of the more tried and tested methods of design. And what is one constant fixture in, for example, Eastern European design? They embrace their old stylings in combination with more modern trends. Think about big and bold patterns. Rustic furnishings. You don't need to go down the route of an exotic theme to make it work, but looking how they contrast is a good jumping off point.

There's a certain braveness in foreign design that is far too lacking amongst western designers. How do they achieve that? Well, to put it simply, they just aren't afraid to try new combinations. Who would have thought that gold ornaments could complement patterned red wallpaper so well? In theory, it sounds like a design disaster. In practice, it works. You won't find out until you try - that's a key point to remember.

Don't Fear Eccentricity

When did 'eccentric' become such a bad word, anyway? The bohemians of yesteryear were once heralded as visionaries. Now, any kind of fashion faux pas is quickly shot down before it even gets out of the starting blocks. There is far too much of a fixation on the tried and tested today. Every design style that ever came to existence was once considered a calculated gamble.

One of the most successful combinations, as far as I can tell, is to combine vintage furniture with a modern setting. What is your current bathroom style? If you've been keeping up with trends, you'll likely have embraced a more contemporary appeal. What would happen if you threw a vintage bath tub in there? Would it all fall apart? Or would you create a distinct character that enhances your entire room?

Try it out, mix it up, and - above all - don't be afraid to experiment.

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Stunning Garden Designs That You'll Want To Copy

We may be in the middle of battling the winter blues, but there's no reason you can't think to the future. Namely, a future filled with the sunshine and pleasant days spent in the garden. While you've got the time, the winter is perfect for piecing together the garden of your dreams. This way, all the hard work is done by the time the sun puts his hat on, and you can enjoy the fruits of your labour. Sound good? I thought so. With that in mind, let's take a look at some luxury garden ideas to get you inspired. Trust me, once you've laid eyes on some of these designs, you won't want to miss out on having them for yourself.

A-Maze-Ing Grace

If you've got the space outside, you might as well put it to good use, right? And you could even turn those tired old bushes into something far more exciting by creating a garden maze. All you'll really need is to source the services of a quality garden landscaping specialist, and the rest is history. You and your kids will have endless fun getting lost in your very own maze. Let's just hope things don't turn out like The Shining.

The Great Indoors... Outdoors!

When the sun is beating down outside, we longingly crave to embrace it. As a race, though, humans cannot live without their creature comforts. Call it a byproduct of evolution or something. Whatever the reason, we just aren't willing to part with the things we cherish, even if it means missing out on the sunshine. Well, why do you have to give up either? Instead, you could just create a wonderful living space in your garden. Imagine that. Sofas, television, and coffee tables all in your backyard. Just remember to make sure they're well protected from the rain, or you might regret this decision.

The Righteous Path

There are very few things we appreciate more than well-crafted paving. Equally, there aren't a lot of things that'll make your garden more inviting, either. You don't need much to build a pavement in your backyard. Just the right tools, maybe some sandstone rocks, and the know-how. Or, if all else fails, the contact details for a good paving specialist. Get creative with your garden path - there's no need to colour between the lines here. Dream big and be bold.

Straw Than A Feeling

Gazebos are very popular already, but they can get a bit dull, can't they? The truth is; if you've seen one, you've seen them all. Or have you? Not if you put a little bit of creative thinking into practice. Why settle for the same old mundane gazebo, anyway? Think bigger than that. How about an extremely cool thatched Bali hut in your back garden? Now that's the kind of thing we can get behind. It'll make your backyard seem very fun all of a sudden, and you might even feel like you're on the beaches of Hawaii rather than sat at home.

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Plan a Kitchen That Fits Your Lifestyle and Budget

A kitchen remodel is a major project that requires careful design planning. It's a project that can cost you a bundle, so you must choose a layout that fits your lifestyle and materials that fit your budget. Here are some helpful kitchen remodeling tips.

Which Layout is Best For You?

Today's kitchens often serve as the hub of the house where families gather for cooking and dining, as well as family activities and conversations. Depending on your lifestyle, you may prefer an open or closed kitchen layout.

Open kitchens are great for large families and homeowners who have a busy lifestyle where multitasking is an essential part of daily life. They provide an open area that often adjoins a family room or living room. They allow you to prepare dinner, mingle with guests, or supervise your children from the kitchen. Since an open kitchen has little privacy, it requires regular attention to organization and cleaning.

Closed kitchens offer more privacy with walls to hide clutter and mess while cooking, but they don't offer open areas for entertaining. It's harder to visit with friends and family or interact with the kids while you're preparing meals. Since a closed kitchen is a confined space, you'll want a direct entrance into your dining room for meals and entertaining.

Plan Your Budget

Whether your kitchen remodel budget is $10,000 or $50,000, here's a breakdown of expected costs:

* Cabinets and Hardware – 29 percent
* Design and Planning – 22 percent
* Floors and Countertops – 15 percent
* Appliances – 15 percent
* Electrical and Plumbing – 10 percent

If you want to save money, keep your current layout. Knocking down walls and moving gas lines, electrical wiring and plumbing connections will increase your remodeling costs. To save on cabinet costs, choose a cabinet manufacturer that offers the door style and finish you want as a standard option. Choose aftermarket organizers like utensil dividers, roll-out racks and trays, and storage racks, rather than custom built-in options. Choose flooring and countertop materials that are practical, easy to clean, and fit within your budget requirements.

To get the kitchen of your dreams, hiring a contractor that can provide factory-built, custom cabinets may provide important advantages:

* 25 year warranties on cabinets, internal hardware and workmanship
* Controlled production environment for stable wood without future warping
* Computerized cutting tools for precise cuts and joinery
* Baked-on finishes that are more durable than on-site finishes

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How To Create An Incredible Ambiance In Your Home

Your home ought to feel special. It ought to be cozy. And it definitely needs an atmosphere to make it inviting to guests and homely to its owner. Here are some great ways to create an incredible ambience within your home.

Clear the Clutter

Mess is not attractive, and minimalism is definitely ‘in’ right now. So, get some boxes and package up everything you don’t need anymore because you don’t want anything to ruin the ambience you are going to create. Simplicity is elegant and well sought after in the home. Guests will judge your house by its cleanliness and tidiness. So be sure not to miss out this step if you really want to create the most welcoming of atmospheres within your home.

Air Con

Nobody wants to be sweltering hot, particularly if you live somewhere close to the equator. Your home is a sanctuary where you want to feel calm and chilled out. Investing in keeping yourself cool will only make your home seem more inviting. Check out Wattle Grove for air conditioning solutions. Staying cool with a slight breeze evokes notions of relaxing by the sea - what an incredible atmosphere to create within your home.


As guests enter your home, fill their nostrils with vibrant and exotic smells. Consider an incense candle either side of your porch door to create a welcoming vibe for visitors. First impressions are important and smelling something gorgeous will really wow your next guests. This moment will stick with them as they travel through the rooms of your house, making everything that slight bit more appealing. This is a simple trick to creating an incredible ambience.

Bright Light

It is important to get the lightning right in the rooms of your home. This is in order to create the optimum ambience. There are two paths you can go down - each suiting different rooms best. Bright and airy rooms need ambient lighting to create a relaxing vibe within a space. This will compliment flush white walls, fresh flowers and plain furniture and provide an impressive charm to any room. Basic, fresh white linen in a bedroom also works well with this sort of lighting, creates an ambience similar to a fancy hotel suite.

Accent Lighting

Dimly lit rooms like a sitting room in the evening require accent lighting. This provides a focus on specific features within a space, such as a fur rug or television set. This creates an incredibly cozy ambience. I’ve discussed how important furnishings are to creating an ambience. So purchase lights with a dimming feature so you can create the perfect atmosphere to match any evening. Fairy lights are perfect for draping over fencing or a bush if your sitting room opens out onto a patio or garden from French windows. A glowing fireplace compliments this type of room perfectly and will complete the cozy ambience you are after.

Hopefully, these tips will help gift your home with an incredible charm and sense of character. The perfect ambience for your home awaits you - so why not start tomorrow?