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Bright Ideas to Bring The Outside In

Homes and gardens are two separate things, right? Well that all depends on how you look at it!
The boundaries may have been well defined at one time. A vase full of flowers on the table signalled the end of the division. Things got a little crazy when houseplants started to invade. Then there were conservatories, which was almost like being in the garden. Patios became decks and verandas. And it didn’t stop there! These days whole houses are built of on the principle of light and green. Blending the two seamlessly is known as letting the outside in or the ubiquitous’ lovely inside outside flow’.

Seriously though it is time to let the outside in and your renovation should be based around it. Doing so creates another room, for everyone to enjoy. The extent of your project is only limited by your imagination. Take a look around some of the standout properties on your street. They will all have mastered the art of the blending in house and garden. Talk to therenovationcompany.com.au about the possibilities. Think outside the box.

Adding structure.

Simple enough to do with a conservatory or a versatile Pergola. These just have a magic way of creating an intimate outdoor space. Take your pergola out over the deck. This has the effect of framing your entrance nicely but somehow works its magic by allowing you to feel enclosed by outside all at the same time. It may have something to do with the idea of framing boundaries that makes us feel more secure.

Either way pergolas have an instant effect. Amazingly they are super quick to put up and can be as long and wide as you like. Planted up with fragrant climbers each season will bring you more pleasure. You could add climbing fruits to provide you with a seasonal meal and a great talking point.

Eye Catching Paint job.

Some older houses simply suffer from drab or old fashioned paint jobs. A way to instantly up the vibration of your house is to consider rendering the outside and perhaps splashing out on a new coat of paint. There are some really funky colours now that can blend in with the garden and really create harmony, or charming contrasts. Colours don’t have to be dull earth tones. You could add a real splash of beach and coast anywhere you are, simply by adding a more vibrant shade of colour.


The humble front and back garden has had its day. These days everything can blend into one seamless whole. Feature plants can be added anywhere. Garden centres have a great selection. You can use planters for lagers specimens or simply smaller pots and boxes. These can all be low maintenance and can look incredible set off with gravel, stones and even larger rocks.

Let Your Inner Artist Out

Why just have art in house? Enjoy the opening up of your home with contemporary sculpture. Metal Art is hip and rusting no longer signifies something that needs a coat of paint.

From water features to natural pools. From sun drenched decking to hammocks like the ones on hayneedle.com. There are a myriad of ways to start enjoying your whole house inside and out.

How to Survive The Rennovation Rollercoaster

Granted your renovation isn’t in a war zone though sometimes it is going to feel like it. Sometimes it will look like it. Making the decision to undertake a renovation is a major one. Undergoing one, no matter how well planned and executed can be a traumatic experience. Here are some ways to prepare and survive intact.

It is a rule of thumb that building work costs more than you think. Even a reputable builder will tell you to make an allowance. There are some eventualities that can never be anticipated. Until you open something up you can’t be 100% sure of what is underneath.

The cost of materials, goes up and rarely does it happen the other way around. Sure hiring a reputable company and getting a quote will take some possible sting out of the tail. Getting a guarantee is good, as is knowing how long it will all take. The percentage of builds that come in under budget are in the minority.

The second unwritten rule is that it takes longer than you think. Again, unforeseen circumstance crop up, fixtures and fittings are delayed, and the weather is unkind. All of this can be anticipated to some extent.

A Reno is an emotional business.

No matter how well planned you are, your project is going to be an upheaval. You will no doubt be delighted at the prospect of seeing the final result, but it makes sense to prepare yourself for the stages in between. A company like Million Dollar Makeovers will let you know how to deal with any eventuality.

Before it all begins

This is possibly the most exciting time before the bit at the end. You are on real high here. You have your wish list and your builder, expert or architect has been delighted to let you know that everything is possible. They are right. At a cost, anything is indeed possible.

Bringing it back in

The reality check of what is affordable sometimes bites here. There might be other issues to do with planning or consent. Still you’ll adapt your design and shorten your wish list.

Get Out

Hopefully, you are not one of those people who thinks it would save money or simply be possible to live in your house while the renovations happen. Trust me, this is not a good idea. It’s not just the army of contractors who will be living with you or their tools and even if they take their boots off all the time. They can't and they won’t. They will make a noise and a mess. et out, stay out. Go and stay with family, hire a house or go house sitting. Plan this one out.

Stay Out

Tempting as it is to oversee things, you have paid a professional to do that, and you have taken out building insurance. Unless you hate your house and delight in its destruction, stay well away. Seeing the paraphernalia of your life being ripped out is rarely pleasant. Busy, hardworking contractors will scowl at you. You are in the way.

It’s not as big as I thought

Until the final colour schemes go on your walls, your new space will expand but mostly it will shrink and feel dark and unloved. This is possibly your lowest potential moment. Resist the need to go in and clean up. At this stage, there will only be more mess. Your garden is a tip, and there are vehicles parked on the drive. No one at this stage is going anywhere - they are trying to get it finished.

The finished result

Except that it’s probably not the end. Elements of your build will need to weather in, landscaping may need a season to recover. Most of all you will need to get used to it. But you are relieved and delighted. It has, in all likelihood, been worth it. By forewarning yourself, you have been prepared for the renovation rollercoaster.

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Top 10 Tools to Kill Pests

There are a lot of tools out there that people use in order to try and kill pests. Here’s a quick look at 10 of the most popular tools that are out there that are used to kill pests on a regular basis.

1. Utilizing the Lay of the Land. There are some types of land that just aren’t conducive to pests, and by planting things that they wouldn’t go after anyway, you can make sure that the bugs don’t bother the plants that you have growing.

2. Pesticides. It’s not a very good tool to be using considering all of the chemicals that you’re putting into the world, but at the same time, it can still be a big deal and could help out immensely in the worst cases.

3. Sound. There are some bugs and rodents (and other pests) that are repelled by certain pitch of sound. Because of that, you can use sound to scare some of those things off for good. There are lots of tools that allow you to do that.

4. Rackets. It sounds silly, but did you know that there is a tennis racket that is meant to be a bug zapper as well? This has actually become a popular product and a lot of people are using it outdoors to keep the bugs away.

5. Smells. Some bugs just don’t like certain scents, and because of that, you can easily scare them off by spraying areas with those scents. Citronella is a huge help for this as well, so you want to keep that in mind too. Look around to try and find some of the best.

6. Plants and herbs. As with smells, some plants and herbs act as natural repellants for a number of common pests, so by planting them and taking care of them appropriately, you can ensure that you get the most out of keeping them at bay.

7. Bug “Zappers”. Many people will hang a bug zapper in areas that have a lot of bugs so that they don’t get into the home or bite the people who may be enjoying things outdoors.

8. Other Bugs. Ladybugs will eat a ton of other bugs, and they aren’t the only ones. These bugs are actually helpful instead of harmful, so consider adding them to your home or garden to get the help you need.

9. Traps. All sorts of traps are out there for all sorts of pests. Just set a few up and you’ll be ready to go.

10. Environmental Changes. If you change your environment, you can actually make it quite difficult for pests to survive effectively. If you have been looking for pest control in Tucson, then you want to make sure that you look around and find a company that cares about you and your needs. Check out all of your options and see which one is going to give you what you need to get rid of those pests.

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Give Your Dining Room The Wow Factor With These Tips

Do you want to give your dining room the wow factor? Would you like guests to feel jealous whenever they come round for dinner parties? Then you’ve come to the right place. The simple tips on this page could make all the difference to your home. Everyone wants to have the most upmarket home design possible, and this is a good way to start.

Buy a large and sturdy wooden table

Your dining room table is the most important part of your room. So, it makes sense to get something that is going to last a long time. Flimsy tables are sure to break within a couple of years, and that means you’ll spend more cash in the long run. As the infographic shows, solid wood is the way forward.

Hang family portraits

Most people think that hanging photographs of their family at home is a bad idea. They’ve watched lots of design programs on the TV that say you should hide them away. However, your dining room is the perfect place to put your most important photos. Maybe you had some professional ones taken when your children were younger?

Install an upmarket light fitting

Depending on the amount of space you have in your dining room, you should choose your light fittings accordingly. Those with a large room could consider crystal chandeliers. They always look amazing, and they will add an extra element of luxury. Everyone else should consider smaller alternatives that still make jaws drop.

You should be in the best position to give your dining room the wow factor after reading this post. Continue your research and look for more amazing ideas before you make a start. With a bit of luck, you should have the perfect dining room by Christmas.

Infographic Created By Log Furniture Place

Design Tips For A Chic And Stylish Conservatory

There are millions of people who would love to have a conservatory - an extra room in their home to relax and unwind in. Whether you’ve just built your conservatory or have had it for years, now is the time to transform it into a stylish space.

If you are lucky enough to have your own sunroom, you need to make the most of it. Believe it or not, transforming your conservatory into an elegant space is much easier than you would think.

Want to more about how you can take your conservatory to the next level, and create a space that’s chic and stylish? Keep reading for our guide to what you need to do to create the most fantastic space.

Pick a design style

Before starting to decorate and add furniture to your conservatory, pick a design style. Think about the rest of your home - is it decorated in a contemporary or classic way, and ensure your sunroom matches it.

There are lots of design styles that work well in conservatories, but a couple of the best ones are neutral, monochrome and pastel themes. So if you are stuck for ideas, it might be worth considering using one of these ideas.

Be choosy about the flooring

Just like in the rest of your home, when it comes to picking flooring for your sunroom, it’s important to be choosy. Don’t just opt for any old design. Think about the effect that you want to create in the space - choosing the right flooring is essential for this.

For a chic and stylish space, slate, wooden or tiled flooring is perfect. Just bare in mind that both slate and tiled flooring can get incredibly cold, so wood could be a better option. However, if you can afford to add underfloor heating, stone or tile flooring are both ideal.

Opt for stylish furniture

Don’t make the mistake of thinking that the only option for your conservatory furniture is rattan pieces, as that’s not the case. If you would prefer to add a regular couch or armchair, that’s perfectly fine. The style of furniture that you choose will depend on your theme and preferences.

To add a little extra comfort and style to your furniture, invest in cushions. While it’s important to choose designs that match the color scheme of the space, the pillows don’t all have to match each other. A fantastic way to add extra style to any space is by opting to mix and match your cushion designs.

Don’t forget to add accessories

In any space, the most important design feature is accessories. A few carefully chosen accessories can take a dull, drab space and turn it into a chic and stylish haven. The key is to pick pieces that not only add style but also improve the overall appearance of the room.

For some fantastic ideas for accessorizing your conservatory, take a look online for inspiration. Often, photo websites like Pinterest and Instagram, have some fabulous ideas on them.

To give your conservatory a beautifully chic look, all you need to do is take note of these ideas.

Rise and Recline Chairs Improve Mobility

Have a seat! This simple invitation is one you may take for granted for much of your life. As you age, having a seat may become a monumental task. Difficulty sitting and standing can be a lifelong issue for those born with certain health problems as well. Considering the number of times you are required to transition from sitting to standing and back in one day, your ability to do so with ease impacts your quality of life tremendously.

Mobility is Necessary for Independence

If you are unable to sit or stand with ease, you will be restricted in other areas of life as well. If you can't get up, you can't get to the restroom alone, or get to the kitchen to make a snack or meal in a timely fashion. While you may be independent in these other tasks, if you can't get up to attend to them, you will require assistance simply due to your mobility difficulties. The right seating could be the difference between a dependent or independent lifestyle.

Leisure Activities Require Sitting Comfortably

It isn't only the necessities that require sitting and standing with ease. Reading a book, watching your favorite show and chatting with friends and family require extended time in a comfortably seated position. The right chair can enhance your ability to enjoy the relationships and activities that feed your soul. Chairs that increase your mobility may increase your happiness at the same time.

Mobility Impacts Self Esteem

When you can take care of your own needs and do the things you enjoy, you feel better about yourself. You're outlook on the world brightens. You are better able to take advantage of opportunities for growth and fulfillment. Mobility allows you to be an active contributor to your own life, your family, your community and the world. Effective seating solutions can help you live a confident life.

Assistance From Others Can be Risky for Them

If you are mobile once you're up, but just need that boost to get going, it might seem easiest to have a friend or loved one give you a lift. Lifting another human being, especially if not done correctly can cause a host of issues for the lifter, most notably, back strain. There are chairs that are made to do that lifting, saving others from rendering themselves immobile by lifting you.

Solutions Exist for Those With Mobility Issues

Whether age has taken a toll on your mobility or you are an individual with lifelong mobility difficulties, there are seating options that can help you gain independence, confidence and a better quality of life. Get advice at websites like www.ageukmobility.co.uk about solutions for your personal mobility needs. They offer stylish and comfortable options that improve mobility and look great too.

Difficulty sitting and standing does not need to slow you all the way down. You can gain more independence and confidence, depend less on others and do more of what you enjoy with innovative seating solutions. So have a seat in the perfect chair and start planning ways to enjoy your new found freedom.

Keep Your Houseplants Healthy with These 5 Basic Tips!

For a lot of people, maintaining a lush outdoor garden is easier than keeping a handful of houseplants alive. This doesn't mean that growing houseplants are tough; it's just that indoor plants need to be cared for the right way.

While you're probably giving your houseplants all the care and attention you can, you could be doing more than necessary or less than required for your plants. So if you've been killing your houseplants lately, don't give up on indoor gardening already!

Try putting these tips into practice and you're sure to breathe new life into your houseplants.

Give Your Plants Adequate Light

All plants need varying amounts of sunlight, so if your houseplants are growing lanky with wide spaces between leaves, or if you notice unusually thin or small leaves, or a lighter leaf color, it could mean that they aren’t getting enough light. Note that variegated leaves will lose their markings if they receive less sunlight.

Conversely, if you see leaves wilting or browning at the edges, it is possible that the plant is receiving too much sun.

To ensure that your plants receive adequate sunlight, remember to check care labels when buying new plants. If you’ve done away with old care labels without glancing at them, find out how much sun your houseplants need by researching online or asking at your local nursery.

Water Plants According to Their Needs

Just like sunlight, all plants need varying amounts of water to grow well. So if you water all your houseplants daily or water them whenever you remember to, don’t be surprised if a couple of them have already died.

Most plants grow well in a medium that stays moist, not wet. Water such plants consistently as alternating periods of flood and drought can stress plants. Wait for the soil to turn dry when watering plants that prefer the soil to dry out a little between waterings.

As a general rule, if the soil looks wet, don’t water the plant. If you’re unsure, stick your index finger knuckle-deep into the soil- if it feels dry, water the plant and if it feels damp, wait for a couple of days and check again.

Keep in mind that the water you use should be at room temperature. Tap water is fine, but you might want to fill an open container with tap water and let it rest for at least 24 hours before using it to water your houseplants. Doing so will help chemicals dissipate and make the water safe for your plants. Never use distilled water for your houseplants.

Use the Right Pots

You can use just about any container as a plant pot depending on your preference. Terracotta pots are popular, as are glass and resin ones. Before choosing pots, keep in mind that unglazed wood and clay pots will absorb moisture while glass, resin, and plastic won’t. As such, if you want to buy a pot for a plant that needs more water, go for non-porous materials.

Irrespective of the material of the pot, make sure it has drainage holes to let excess water through. You can also build a layer of gravel at the bottom and then layer soil on top to protect the plant roots from rotting. Use glazed saucers to keep furniture, and tiled or fake grass flooring from getting wet.

Take Care of the Humidity

If you notice brown leaf tips, wilted edges, shriveled flowers, or leaf drop, chances are that the indoor humidity is wreaking havoc on your houseplants. Increasing humidity levels will help, but certain plants like ficus, Sansevieria, and most palms prefer a dry environment.

To increase humidity, move plants away from areas where they get hit by cold or hot drafts. Grouping plants together can also increase humidity levels as can regular misting. Using a pebble tray will also be helpful.

Protect from Pests

Most importantly, inspect new plants before bringing them home- you don’t want your healthy plants to get infected. Even if the new plant doesn’t have any visible signs of pests or diseases, keep it separate from your other plants for a fortnight. If you don’t notice anything after 15 days, you can place the new plant wherever you prefer.

Check all your plants for pests and diseases regularly. If you happen to spot a problem on a plant, isolate it from the others so that you can deal with it effectively.

Additionally, wash the leaves of all your plants once in two months or so. Doing so will eliminate dust and grime, and also keep away spider mites and other insects. If washing leaves is not possible, clean them with a soft cloth and insecticidal soap. Refrain from using a feather duster to clean houseplants as it can transfer insects and eggs from one plant to another.


Now that you’ve read these basic tips on keeping your houseplants healthy, you needn’t worry about killing any of your indoor plants. Start following the tips given here as soon as you can, and your houseplants are sure to grow well!

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5 Tips to Help You Increase the Lifespan of Your Roof

Getting a new roof is not only expensive, it is one of the most expensive home repairs. But what could be a more necessary home repair than maintaining a roof over your head? One way of avoiding unnecessary expense is to ensure your roof is in permanently in a good condition. So why not do all you can to ensure your roof lasts longer? A few easy steps are guaranteed to save you money and prolong the lifespan the most important part of your house. Keep reading to find out more.

1) Check for Problems Regularly

A simple one to start - get up on that ladder and check for damage frequently. This is especially important after high winds, storms and heavy rain or hail. Principally look out for cracks around openings, seals and loose tiles. Be sure to check thoroughly, as small problems grow into much larger, and much more expensive problems.

2) Clean Your Gutters

Now is the most important time of year to clean out your gutters. Gutters are pivotally important to the longevity of your roof, so make sure water is taking the correct path, and is not being blocked by moss, fallen leaves and other gutter invaders. Experts advise you clean your gutters twice annually, but why not have a look at them once a month, or combine it with other gardening tasks? Cleaning your gutters can only take a few minutes and is a job that is definitely worth remembering.

3) Breaching Branches

Are there many overhanging branches nearby which could cause problems for your roof? If anything is within touching distance, it's a good idea to trim it back before problems arise. Not only do they drop twigs and leaves, they are a hazard in storms as they could fall directly onto your roof.

4) Check for Algae, Mildew and Moss

Moss is a common enemy for roofers as it traps moisture and, when it gets its claws in, is tricky to remove. Pressure washing is a sure way to banish unwanted growths on your roof, but caution is advised; either wash on the lowest setting or call in a professional.

5) Don't Walk on the Wild Side

Although it may be tempting at times, walking on your roof causes incredible amounts of damage (to both the roof and - potentially - to yourself!) Whether you are checking, cleaning or hanging up the Christmas lights, finding an alternative to walking on the roof is always advised. Binoculars are handy for the essential checks we advise here, as is getting in roof maintenance experts like Dallas roofing companies Texas Star Roofing. When it comes to prolonging the life of your roof, it is much better for your wallet if you are proactive rather than reactive. Although easier said than done in the modern world, finding time for your roof really will pay off. A little roof TLC seems a small price to pay for something that keeps you warm and dry, day and night!

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Use Space Effectively With Modular Seating Layouts

Modular seating offers a means of effectively achieving the look that you want from your home or business, without having to have bespoke furniture created and without having to spend countless hours trying to find a piece of furniture with the perfect dimensions. Not only can you choose from each individual piece of furniture, but you can buy multiple individual components in order to create the bench seating, waiting area, or other functional design that fits in the space that you have available to you. Even if you have a room with unusual dimensions, you can still choose from a selection of attractive and high quality furniture.

Modular furniture enables you to add and remove pieces, as needed. If you decide that you want to add an end table to a row of seating, for example, you can take out one of the seating modules from the centre, push the seating into a single row, and then add the table that you want. If, at a later date, you change your mind again, you can move the table and put the seat back in. Alternatively, if you rearrange the room, you can add a corner seat and completely shift the seating around so that it matches your latest design requirements.

Modular furniture is also great for use as occasional furniture, for events or for special occasions. If you use modular seating in your reception area, and you are planning a one-off meeting, you can move some of the seating from the reception into the room where the meeting will be held. You don’t have the usual headaches that are associated with buying, renting, or storing furniture for a one off need.

Usually, buying furniture means making some kind of compromise, because it is very difficult to match furniture dimensions to the available space that you have. With modular furniture, it is possible to create bespoke room design for even the most complicated and unique of areas. You can add seating, tables, and other items exactly where you want them, and you can even use that tiny alcove that usually sits empty and serves no purpose.

Unique spaces have a certain appeal to them. They are filled with character, and they enable you to create a unique design. However, they also pose certain problems or challenges, and finding the furniture and pieces to fit in that space is one such challenge. Bespoke furniture, which offers seats and other pieces in a range of designs, styles, and layouts, enable you to make the most of the most characterful of spaces.

Modular design means that you don’t have to order bespoke furniture, which can prove costly. It also means that you can aren’t limited to just those items of furniture that will fit in the desired space. You can choose from a large selection of furniture pieces, and even some furniture sets to build on, so that you can achieve the exact look and layout that you envisaged.

Modulus Seating provides adaptive furniture that can be adapted to meet your needs, whether they are short-term or long-term needs. Choose from a wide range of good looking and functional furniture designs and enjoy great looking results.

The Benefits Of Timber Sash Windows

It is all too easy to get caught up in the PVC trend when looking to replace old windows, especially if your sash windows have come to the end of their functional life. PVC can appear to be the better choice, because it lays claim to being maintenance free, and can also claim to have a 35-year lifespan in its current guise. However, the reality may be quite different. The fact that you can’t paint the PVC frame may mean that it is maintenance free, but it also means that any discolouration caused by the sun or other atmospheric conditions cannot be repaired.

All it takes to bring a timber frame back to its former glory is a couple of coats of decent quality gloss paint. There’s no need to endure having the whole frame and window replaced, and it should only be necessary to paint the windows every few years, with some light and simple cleaning helping to ensure that the frame continues to look its best in between the paint jobs.

Timber offers a more natural and traditional look than PVC. In some instances, you may be required to replace existing timber frames with new timber frames, especially in conservation areas. Some buildings may even require that you specifically replace with sash windows in order to retain the same overall design and traditional look. However, even if this isn’t the case, do you really want to remove the character that comes from traditional timber frames, and replace this with PVC?

Sash windows themselves are very functional. They typically consist of a number of moving panels, allowing you to let as much air in or out as required. The sliding mechanism means that windows do not need to open out, and modern sash windows typically include safety and energy saving features that mean that they offer modern functionality while still retaining the period features and traditional great looks that only timber frame sash windows can provide.

Another benefit of modern sash windows is that they can be double or even triple glazed. This helps ensure energy efficiency, but it also serves to help reduce noise pollution from outside. Once the windows are closed, you won’t be able to hear traffic noises, and closing the windows in winter means that the cold and wet weather is left outside.

Timber frames also allow some natural ventilation, which is important in any home. PVC frames effectively create a sealed box, and this means that the modern home needs regular airing or ventilation in order to prevent mould and other problems from surfacing.

Sash windows are functional, attractive, and traditional. While they are available with PVC frames, if you want a truly traditional look and want to enjoy the benefits of window frames that could potentially last for 100 years or more, then timber frames may be your best option. You should ensure that you buy good quality frames and windows, and that they have all of the appropriate fixtures and features to help ensure safety and energy efficiency.

The Box Sash Window Co provides double and even triple glazed sash windows with traditional and beautiful timber frames. Whether you are looking to change to sash windows, or upgrade from existing sash windows, they can advise on the best options and help ensure that you get the best windows for your property.

Top Tips For Buying The Perfect Water Tank

Home improvement can take lots of different shapes and sizes. In today’s case, it comes in the shape of a water tank.

Water tanks are all about conserving water. If you have come to the decision that you waste too much of the colorless fluid at home, it is time to take action. Water tanks are the perfect choice because they save water, which saves the planet, and they also save your bank balance. Plus, they are reasonable when it comes to the price.

The next step is to go out and buy one, but what do you need to consider before you make your final purchase?

Water Capacity

How much water are you likely to use in a week, a month or the year? The answer directly affects what size of water tank you need to buy. If you use a lot of water, you will, obviously, need a tank with a bigger capacity. But, if you only use a couple of liters a day, a smaller tank will suffice. Also, how much does it rain where you live? The main benefit of a water tank is that they collect rainwater for home use. Some cities and towns get a lot more rainfall each year than others. If that is you, you are going to need a bigger tank. To find out more about rainfall, take a look at http://www.quickanddirtytips.com.


The size of the tank is always an issue. To be honest, the majority of tanks are pretty big and bulky, so you are going to need a fair bit of space. The backyard is always a good option to store a tank because there is usually some free space, or it is easy to make space. Before you buy it, though, you have to make sure it will fit. Ask for measurements of the water tank and then measure the space to see if they coalesce.

What Type Of Tank?

There is plenty to choose from, but in the end it depends on your needs. Take an underground water tank as an example. If you don’t have space, these are the perfect alternative. All you need to do is install one underground to negate the issue of space. Plus, they have an extra security function because it is harder for animals and the weather to contaminate the supply. To find out more about water tanks, visit http://www.watertankfactory.com.au


The seller’s reputation is very important. No one wants to get ripped off because water tanks are pretty expensive even when they are fairly priced. Just like in any line of business, there are vendors who are willing to take advantage. The will advertise a certain product, but it won’t be as advertised when it arrives. It is always best to get a recommendation from someone you trust, as well as proof of their previous track record.


Finally, you want to use the Goldilocks method to find the perfect water tank. A water tank should not be too cheap or too expensive – it should be somewhere in the middle.

Expensive water tanks are too costly, and cheap ones are shady, so somewhere in the middle is perfect.

Rabu, 18 November 2015

3 Simple Ways to Set Your Business Apart from Your Competitors

Whether you own a huge company or you're building a small business, the competition for customers can be fierce. In today's global economy, you aren't just competing for business with the store down the street. You also have to compete with online retailers from around the globe.

If you're searching for ways to set your business apart from your competitors, considering implementing these three simple ideas.

Focus on Customer Service

We are living in a busy world that seems to be increasingly impersonal. Customers demand products faster and cheaper, but they still do not want to sacrifice excellent service. Unfortunately, many businesses put customer service on the backburner to save employees' time and money.
That's one of the reasons why you can make your company stand apart from the crowd by providing genuine, attentive customer service. It sounds simple, but treat customers the way you want to be treated. Train your staff to treat customers as individuals, not just numbers.
Customers need to believe that you value them as people and not just as dollar signs. When you strive to provide excellent, personalized service, your customers will notice. This keeps current customers happy, and it also makes them want to recommend your business to their family and friends.

Increase Your Branding

You want to keep your company's name in front of your long-time and new customers as often as possible. However, you don't want to annoy them with your branding. Sending constant texts and emails simply makes customers want to click "Unsubscribe," but you can find creative ways to increase your branding without driving your customers crazy.
For instance, switch from plain packaging tape to custom packaging tape with your brand's name and logo. Each time a customer receives a package, he'll immediately know it is from your company before he even opens it.


You might be surprised to find out how many businesses don't really listen to their customers. They forge ahead with their business plans and goals without stopping to consider what their customers really want.
Bulk this trend by making it a priority to truly listen to your customers. Send out a survey before you design a new products, and seriously consider the recommendations of your customers.
No one likes complaints, but negative feedback is one of the most valuable tools you can receive. Instead of doing the bare minimum to appease the customer, turn this feedback into improvements for your business.

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Your Options For The Perfect Accommodation

Throughout your life you might well end up living in many different types of accommodation. There is so much more choice these days than there has been before. It’s really a case of making sure you choose suitable accommodation for you. Now, you will have plenty of options, so you need to weigh up your circumstances and think about what is right for you.

Of course, you might want to get some idea of the different types of accommodation to choose from. Not everyone is happy settling for simply a flat or house. So, this is a list of some of the amazing options for accommodation you might think about living in at some point.


If you’re looking for somewhere to live on your own or with your partner an apartment would be ideal. There are so many different designs and styles of apartment to choose from. You might look for a bright apartment near Palm Springs, or a spacious number in the heart of London. You need to consider what you want to get out of your apartment. It has to be large enough to suit your needs and requirements. But it also has to be in your budget range as well. So make sure you sort all this out before you start hunting.


As you get older and think about settling down, you’re probably going to want to think about getting a house. Again, this will depend on your personal situation. If you’re looking to start a family and have kids, then a house is a must. And these days you have to make sure that you choose the right house. Too many people end up settling for a house they don’t really want. You need to be sure you’ve made the right choice. If you can’t find what you’re looking for what not think about designing it from scratch?!


If you don’t fancy a house or an apartment you could always consider a bungalow. These give you the best of both worlds, and they don’t have stairs. As such they are perfect for people who might be somewhat immobile. You could take a look at bungalow house plans and consider building your own customised bungalow. This will give you everything you need in one complete design. Otherwise, you might want to have a look at what’s on the market; there might be something perfect for you.


No, you haven’t misread this one! Believe it or not, a lot of people do live on boats these days. And this isn’t quite as bizarre an idea as it might sound. Many boats these days are pretty sizeable, and a lot of them have rather luxurious interiors. If you’re the kind of person who enjoys life at sea, this is perfect for you. You’ll have the capability to travel anywhere, and you’ll still have a home!

So these are just a few of the great accommodation ideas you might consider in your life. Consider what appeals to you most, and the sort of thing you can afford. Then you’ll be able to make the best decision and choose the right place for you.

Kamis, 05 November 2015

The Most Expensive Homes for Sale and Rent in NYC

If you're a fan of real estate, you might know that Chairman Wes Edens paid $17 million for a home in the Central Park West area of NYC or that actress Sarah Jessica Parker dropped more than $10 on a home in the city for her family. With hundreds of homes and apartments priced at more than $10 million in the city, it's not surprising that some of the most expensive homes for sale and rent are in New York City.

East 62nd Street

The home located at 12-16 East 62nd Street takes up nearly an entire city block. Rumor has it that a wealthy business owner from Brazil purchased multiple units for sale and tore down the connecting walls to make one large home for his family. Featuring several floors of living space and several rental units, this home seldom goes on the market. The last time the owner listed it with an agent, it had an asking price of $120 million.

Vincent Viola Mansion

Unless you're a fan of professional sports, the name Vincent Viola may mean little to you. Viola and his wife were already quite wealthy when they purchased a National Hockey League franchise, which helped them put even more money in the bank. The couple purchased a large home on the Upper East Side and did massive renovations, including adding a new swimming pool and a large movie theater. When the couple decided to list the home for sale, it went on the market for $114 million.

The Surrey Hotel Presidential Suite

If you have a few million dollars burning a hole in your pocket and aren't committed to owning a home, you can rent The Surrey Hotel Presidential Suite for $450,000 a month. Regarded as one of the most elegant apartments in NYC, the suite boasts more than 10 rooms, including a master bedroom, master bathroom, sitting room and multiple guest rooms. Located on the Upper East Side, the suite has more than 2,000 square feet space and offers impressive views of the city.

Berwind Mansion

While not quite as expensive as the suite at The Surrey Hotel, the apartment at the Berwind Mansion comes with a high price tag too. This apartment consists of more than 20 rooms that provide residents with all the space they need for sleeping, cooking, doing business and even entertaining. Though the apartment occasionally rents for $80,000 a month, demand can raise that price to $150,000 a month. This apartment is even so popular that a former resident once offered the owner more than $80 million to buy it outright.

River House Apartment

The River House is one of the most private and elite clubs in all of New York City, and it operates a co-op out of its building along the East River. Though the club attempted to find and secure a lease to rent the building, it eventually put the entire building on the market with an asking price of $130 million. This club has a total square footage of 62,000 feet, multiple rooms on five floors and gorgeous views of the water. Though celebrities and famous faces own some of the most expensive homes and apartments in NYC, anyone with money to burn will find places to buy or rent in the city.

Rabu, 04 November 2015

How To Make Your House Really Inviting With These Simple Ideas

I’m really house proud, and I do spend a lot of time working on my house to look beautiful. I know that it can be really difficult for some people to find enough time in their busy days to get their home looking like a show-home. I’ve come up with some quick and simple ways to make your home wonderfully inviting. Here’s how to make those special guests feel really welcome in your home:


Start with the approach to your front door. Keep your front lawn trimmed and tidy. You can also sweep the path in just a minute or two. Why not install some path lights either side of it to create a runway effect? It leads your guests to the front door. Keep this porch area well-lit, and the door clean with a quick wipe-down. Finally, pop down a ‘Welcome’ door mat for the finishing touch.


As soon as your guests enter, they want to see the beauty of your home. Keep the hallway clutter-free by popping your coats and boots in the cupboard. The empty coat stand can now be furnished with your guest’s items. A big mirror on one wall and vibrant decor make the space look bright and airy. Fresh flowers on the hall table will provide a splash of color and a gorgeous, welcoming scent too.

Living Room

If you are entertaining your guests in the living room, keep some fresh flowers in a centerpiece arrangement on the coffee table. You can give each surface a quick wipedown to remove the surface dust. Pop all the usual clutter in the spare room if you don’t have time to tidy thoroughly. Scented candles are great for making your home smell fantastic all year round. Light a couple for a welcoming, warm glow and aroma.


If you are providing a meal for your guests, the kitchen can be quite messy. Pop used pots straight into the dishwasher as you go to reduce the clutter. Some people say the smell of baking bread is very welcoming. Try something sweeter like buns for a truly appetising scent your guests will love. If your fridge is a little whiffy, pop in a bowl of lemon juice. Take out the trash to avoid any bin smells too.


Guests often need to make use of a bathroom when they visit. If this area hasn’t been cleaned, it can be very embarrassing! Keep a bottle of bleach toilet cleaner handy at all times. Then you can just nip in and give your toilet a quick going over. Wipe the seat on both sides before flushing the bleach away. If the floor is looking a little grubby, give it a quick spray with disinfectant before tackling it with the steamer mop. All this should take less than five minutes.

Having a clean and tidy home at all times isn’t necessary. You can quickly provide a welcoming atmosphere in just the areas your guests are likely to see. The key to a long-term solution is regular touch-ups, just one room at a time. See if you can spare five minutes per room today.

Senin, 02 November 2015

Functionality & Style In Your Doors & Windows

What style of windows and doors you choose for your property will have a huge impact on the overall look of the building. Far from being purely functional aspects of a home, they can be significant features in their own right. Today there is an enormous array of options when deciding what style to go with. The variation in designs is greater than ever before and making the right choice can greatly enhance the appearance of any home.

Windows will obviously have an enormous effect on the look of your house. On the outside the style and colour should match the architecture of the building. A good option is to use window manufacturers that offer colours already infused into the frame material. Whether you have a modern contemporary home with floor to ceiling windows or perhaps a traditional Tudor style house with classic diamond-shaped mullions, it’s best not to stray too far from your home’s architectural style.

Front doors and their furnishings can create the first impression for visitors to your home. Of course your entry doors must be tough enough to withstand the elements, but we all want them to be attractive at the same time. Whether you want a solid front door or one with glass panels to provide more natural light, you’ll find plenty of options available.

Door furnishings have been made of many materials down through the years, including wood, ceramic, glass, plastic and different types of metal. For practical purposes brass is one of the most popular materials when choosing door and window furnishings because of its excellent resistance to rust. But it looks great too. There are many beautiful brass door furnishings on the market and choosing the right ones can greatly enhance the characteristics of any home.

Back and side doors are often designed to be more useful than attractive, but this doesn’t necessarily need to be the case. If a door leads on to patio for example or even the back garden, a good option would be to choose glass doors. They create an open feeling between the interior and exterior spaces of your home.

Interior doors are often generic, both in design and material. Again there’s nothing stopping you from being a bit more creative and giving them personality. You could vary the colours, especially in children's bedrooms. Glass panels in doors that connect kitchens, hallways and living rooms looks great. It allows for a continuity of space as well as more natural light. And the more natural light there is in a home the better. It cannot be overstated how much doors and windows contribute to the overall character and style of a home. The front of your house is what you present to the world. It’s what people see first. From the inside your windows are the visual connection between what’s outside and in. There’s nothing more relaxing than sitting in your home looking out at a great view with the warm sun beaming in through the windows. It’s a nice way of bringing the outdoors in.

DeLonghi TRD0715T Portable Heater Review

In the market today, DeLonghi TRD0715T portable heater is one of the most widespread and commonly accepted portable heaters. This portable heater emits maximum amount of heat from the oil-filled heater and at the same time, it maintains a cool surrounding. The patented thermal chimneys of DeLonghi heater helps it to direct heat out and up the device, therefore, making it release more heat into its exterior. This safe-to-touch device is ideal for homes with children and pets.

In this unit, a space heater reduces the chances of accidental burns when providing sufficient heat proves hard. The exterior of this device has round corners that prevent its users from being caught on its rough edges. The metal that makes this device is durable and rust-resistant this gives you an assurance that it will serve you for long if well maintained. In the interior, you will find thermal cutoffs that prevent the device from overheating.

Pure diathermic oil fills the seven permanently sealed channels that are part of this instrument. The beauty about this oil is that it needs not be replaced or refilled during the lifetime of this unit. This device does not have complex internal parts thus allowing the heater to produce consistent heat without any hissing, clicking, and buzzing. This quiet device is ideal for home offices, TV rooms, or bedrooms since it does not produce disturbing noises.


One of the key features of DeLonghi TRD0715T portable device is its 24-hours programmable timer. A good number of the space heaters come with elementary thermostats and timers, but TRD0715T’s timer runs the heater for twenty-four hours without any additional user input. It is simple to understand and use timer has ninety-six unique settings.

This ETL safety certified device has a lightweight of 27.7 pounds and comes in a light grey color scheme. It has a height of 25.6 inches, a length of 14.2 inches and a width of 9.4 inches with a cord length of seventy-two (72) inches. This cord wraps around the front plate, allowing the device to be stored and moved with ease.

It has an oil-filled heater that produces up to five thousand one hundred and twenty (5120) BTUs and emits heat efficiently to about one hundred and forty-four square feet. The radiant heater has an anti-freeze feature that turns the device on automatically when temperatures fall below forty-two (42) degrees. This helps a great deal by preventing the potential damage to electronics, water pipes, and other sensitive devices that do not stand very low temperatures.

The integrated thermostat controls heat therefore preventing it from overheating. DeLonghi TRD0715T portable heater has a total wattage of one thousand five hundred (1500) watts, an overload protection mechanism, and a fan that can be set automatically or activated manually. It also comes with a manufacturer’s warranty of one year.

The unit is easy to use since all you are required to do is just plugging it into the power source and turning it on without special assembly. The easy-to-use controls permit you to operate the three fans and adjust the temperatures as you wish.


• The wheels on which this device is mounted on snap down therefore allowing it to remain in position. However, this does not deter you from pulling them back into place to allow the radiant heater to roll on the four wheels.

• This unit is very efficient since it produces instant and flexible heat to whichever room it is set up without sophisticated controls or lengthy warm-up time.

• This device can be used in places where concentration and silence are required such as offices and bedrooms since they operation is not noisy.

• DeLonghi TRD0715T portable heater maximizes the flow of radiant heat while maintaining low surface temperature with the help of thermal tunnels and vents.

• The adjustable heat settings and thermostat allow the user to set their ideal temperature, therefore, keeping their room at the temperature of their liking.

• The framework is made of rust-resistant metal that prevents it from corrosion thus extending its life.

• Anti-freeze setting prevents electronics and pipes from being damaged.


• The device can obtain a foul odor if continually used indoors, but this can be avoided by proofing the device outdoors.

• If it is damaged or dropped, it might leak the oil thus might alter its functionality.

• It could be a problem for the instrument to heat enormous rooms with very high curved ceilings.


To wrap up, the DeLonghi TRD0715T portable heater radiant heater is safe for use and is one of the best in the market today, and performs better than most heaters in its price range. This kind of heater is energy efficient, clean, and durable.