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Construction Spending in June Grows at Fastest Rate

A recent analyst report by The Associated General Contractors of America states that construction has grown at its fastest rate in June 2015 since 2006. This incredible growth spurt was brought on by several private and public categories of construction, according to the report. The private sector growth saw 15% gains last year (that off-set a few losses this year – as spending dipped to a light 1.3% in June 2015).

Spending rose strongly in June from a year ago for all major construction categories—private nonresidential, residential and public,” said Ken Simonson, the association's chief economist.

According to Simonson, construction spending in June was at $1.6 trillion – the highest since March 2014. This is indicative that spending on construction is moving forward and analysts are bullish. Private residential spending increased 0.4 percent for June and 13 percent over the past 12 months. Public construction spending rose 1.6 percent from June and 8.0 percent from 12 months earlier.

In certain regional markets, like Tampa, Florida, the real estate market and construction spending figures are especially bright. New home starts were up 24.5% over last year and new housing inventories rose 10-percent in Tampa and construction rose by 2.8%. “Rising employment, low interest rates and lower inventory are all contributing to robust growth overall, notes a senior executive at Homeowners Choice Construction LLC, a leading construction company in Tampa, Florida, “a number of big ticket exterior renovations, such as roof replacement and repair that had been postponed during the past few years are moving forward at a brisk pace.”

Despite this positive leap forward in construction spending, AGC officials warn that work shortages could occur as additional projects in both the private and public sectors ramp up. The AGC advise that developers and construction firms do a better job of treating the work like a career and offering more technical and training opportunities which could result in more robust recruiting as well as keeping key talent on the job.

AGC officials also advise that construction managers and owners adhere to the AGC’s Workforce Development Plan that provides advice on how to keep a construction crew motivated. “After all, construction is one of the few industries where the vast majority of work must be performed on-site and cannot be off-shored,” sites the AGC Workforce Plan.

In addition, the manual reports that “… A number of changing trends have combined to cripple what was once a robust education pipeline for new construction workers. Those factors include the dismantling of the public vocational and technical education programs, [and] declining participation in union apprenticeship training.”

“It is clear that construction is rebounding but the progress may stall unless there is a concerted effort at all levels of government to provide training to get new workers into high-paying construction careers,” said Stephen E. Sandherr, the association’s chief executive officer work because of a lack of qualified workers.”

Adding to optimism overall, the July NAHB/Wells Fargo Housing Market Index reached 60 in July, which is the highest level since November 2005 and this past June, The National Association of Realtors measure of existing home sales increased 3.2%, reaching the highest level since February 2007.

“While we believe every region will see different growth patterns and trends, residential growth is expected to continue for the foreseeable future,” confirmed the source at Homeowners Choice Construction LLC.

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Home Features That Appeal to the Millennial

Millennials are realizing the importance of home ownership at an early age. While they are taking command of the work force, their needs and wants are also shaping the housing and design industries for the future. Baby boomers had a different outlook and need for the homes that they purchased in the past. However, millennials seem to have amenities, price and technology at the forefront of their needs.

Prime Features and Amenities

When it comes to housing, millennials aren’t afraid to work for what they want. They are also at the heart of what it means to have their own home. While the times have changed since the baby boomers first hit up the home scene, millennials are concentrating on prime features and special amenities. No matter if they’re turning a dwelling into something contemporary or purchasing something custom, they want to have everything that they need nearby. From the hottest restaurants and clubs to shopping and coffee shops, they aren’t willing to forego these important features. They are also looking for particular neighborhoods that focus on affordability. Townhomes and condominiums are other prime choices because many of them come with security, health clubs and other perks such as special parking.

High Rated Schools

For individuals with children, finding a home that is in close proximity to good schools can also be a plus. Instead of finding the home of their dreams, they may give up on such luxuries such as top rated appliances, eco-friendly hot water heaters, a pool and spa or large backyard in favor of a district that has the highest test scores and student productivity. Excellent schools will also help when the millennials want to go sell their home in the future. In a recent real estate survey, approximately 50 percent of millennials said that school district quality could cause them to skip purchasing a home, compared to 30 percent of the total buyers.

Technology in the Home

Today’s homes are equipped with the most modern of technology. Green features can include solar panels and skylights, built-in recycling cabinets and energy-efficient appliances. They also have the capabilities to have camera features, and the ability to monitor their security systems at work or on vacation through their smartphones and tablets. In addition to these intricate features, millennials also want other technological advances such as being able to turn on their lights before they get home and navigate their thermostat via iPad. While homeowners were once at the mercy of their pipes bursting while away overseas, technological advances make it easy for them to get an alert sent by way of text message when a pipe bursts or a basement has flooded.

Easy to Manage and Affordable Options 

Millennials and baby boomers are both in search of smaller living spaces today. However, when it comes to home designs, millennials are foregoing the traditional and lavish styles. While they’re making a pretty penny at such an early age, they have their eye set to the future and savings. Instead of stretching their budget beyond their means and credit poor, they are looking for modern dwellings that are environmentally-friendly, energy-efficient, inexpensive and comfortable. They know that it’s not wise to spend money heating and cooling rooms that they’re not going to be spending much time in. While dining rooms and huge kitchens were once popular options, millennials are into dining out. They also want multi-purpose living arrangements that are open concept. They see holidays and family get-together as an occasional occurrence, and they would much rather have a home that is practical than ostentatious. They also have their eye on media rooms instead of a formal great room for socialzing and entertaining their family and friends.

5 Renovations That Can Make a Home Safer without Sacrificing Aesthetic Appeal

While most homeowners aren't so fanatic about home security for it to cause a difference in their home's appearance, there are some situations in which an estate is in need of heightened security without the obvious barbwire fences and guarded gates. Fortunately, with a bit of creativity and a few simple suggestions, you can easily merge home design with home security and incorporate every component of an effective security system without making the place look like a maximum security prison. In the following paragraphs, we'll reveal five renovations you can use to improve the security and safety of your home without making significant changes to the aesthetic appearance of the property:

1. Professionally Installed Surveillance System

A home surveillance system with multiple cameras can be an eyesore when the cameras and wires are highly visible, bulky, or poorly placed. Hidden surveillance cameras not only look better, they're also less likely to be spotted by an intruder who might steal or damage them in an attempt to do away with video evidence. Thus, the solution is to have the cameras and all wired components of the surveillance system completely hidden from plain sight by utilizing the assistance of a trusted home security surveillance camera installation company.

2. Hidden Motion Sensors around the Exterior

Well-hidden motion sensors are another addition that can provide real-time awareness of the people and animals that trespass on to your property. Such sensors can be programmed to send automated alarms to your mobile device or to a connected alarm hub within the house. While this might sound like a high-tech renovation, motion sensors are relatively cheap, especially when you consider how much supervision they provide.

3. Add a Handicap Accessible Ramp, a Handrail, and Landscape Lights

Stairs are perhaps the most dangerous part of a home's exterior, as people can easily trip and fall, especially if the stairs aren't well-lit and accompanied by a handrail. Try installing a concrete ramp, handrail, and a few ground lights to light up the walkway at night, and your home will not only be safer, it will also look great after sunset if the lights are set up with design in mind, as landscape lighting should be.

4. Install a Reliable Home Alarm System

Automated home alarm systems provide many benefits, including the ability to directly notify local authorities in the event that an alarm is set off. These systems are especially important for homes that are left unattended for extended periods of time, as the likelihood of robbery is higher. Be sure to consider multiple alarm providers in your area before deciding on one that can suitably accommodate your home security needs.

5. Remove or Amend Sharp-Edged Appliances and Furniture

Sharps corners and hard surfaces are common household hazards that can easily be removed or corrected with a few design changes. This step is particularly important if you frequently have children in the home. If you'd rather keep the furniture or appliances that present a danger, consider padding the edges.

Finally, as a bonus tip, aside from making home security improvements through renovation you can also revise some of the home's decor to remove any easily breakable or potentially hazardous objects from the design scheme. As always, be sure to use your common sense and judgment when making any functional or aesthetic changes to your home.

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The Rewards of Carpet Flooring

Homeowners all over the globe have made carpet their top choice when they are looking at the various flooring options available to them. It is regarded as a cost effective, versatile and stylish flooring option that appeals to a large demographic. Comfortable and colorful carpets can make your floors look brighter, refreshed and more welcoming. The designs and types that are available these days can fit within your existing home décor and also stay in your budget. Some of the types of carpet flooring that are available include area rugs, carpet squares and wall-to-wall carpets. Whether it is knotted, flat weave, tufted or woven, whatever type of carpet flooring you choose can offer you several rewards. Some of them are:

Provides Insulation and Warmth

You will know why homeowners prefer carpet flooring if you have ever walked barefoot on a cold floor during winter mornings. Carpets can offer you comfort and warmth, especially during the winter season. Carpets have millions of fibers between them, which trap the warmth and a solid layer of insulation is provided that can help you in resisting the uncomfortable and chilly weather thereby reducing your energy bills.

Provides Safety

A non-slip surface is provided by carpets, which means they prevent slips and cushion someone’s fall. This can minimize the injuries that occur because of a fall. The cushiony and soft structure of the carpet squares or area rugs is great for family activity. Carpet flooring can offer safety and protection to all members of the family, especially kids and the elderly.

Noise Reduction

Carpets are as easy on your ears as they are on your feet. Our homes have become noisy places because of music systems, home theatres, speaker phones and computers. Airborne sounds are absorbed by carpets and transmission of sounds between floors is also prevented by them. It reduces and stifles surface noise that occurs via walking.

Aesthetic Perks

Carpets are considered to be great decoration elements. It adds style and beauty to your room. As carpets are available in a wide range of textures, designs, colors and styles, you can choose one as per your home’s décor and taste. You can get simplicity and casualness through neutral colors and simple designs while patterned designs, vibrant colors and heavier textures allow you to make a bold statement.

Easy Maintenance

As compared to those in the past, you can now find carpets that are stain resistant. Furthermore, there are a number of carpet cleaning methods that you can use for keeping your carpets new. Professional carpet cleaning services are offered for removing stains, dust and other impunities.

Cost Effective

The most economical flooring option as opposed to others is carpet flooring. Choose a design that fits your style and budget as there is plenty of choice. Also, carpet flooring is highly durable so it can last for a long time. These benefits will convince you to get carpet flooring for your home and you can easily find a flooring service on to get it done.

Mouser Electronics Video;dc_trk_aid=294560473;dc_trk_cid=64847638
What is the future of factory automation and home automation systems? Mouser Electronics with Grant Imahara talk to some of automation systems leading industry people.

The Future of Home & Factory Automation Systems

The Future of Home & Factory Automation Systems:

Interviews with Chiragh Dewan, Jim Pursley, Joe Dada & Rob Shaddock.

For more information on factory and home automation systems be sure to subscribe to our channel or check out our "Empowering Innovation" site on Mouser Electronics:

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Increase Property Value And Enjoyment With Professional Garden Design

A well designed garden can enhance the enjoyment and use that you enjoy from your garden, and it can also offer a number of other benefits. Do you want to encourage your children to learn about gardening? Or do you want to become more self-sufficient by growing your own fruit and vegetables without the garden looking like a farm? Maybe you need to consider access for wheelchairs, are unsure of the best types of plant and tree for your soil, or you are trying to sell or rent out your property and want an attractive and functional outside space to make the property more appealing and increase resale or rental value.

With a professional garden design service, you can discuss your requirements and needs, set a budget, and enjoy access to a finished garden design that meets all of your needs. You can even enjoy experienced and reliable consultation with somebody that has experience in designing and maintaining any type of garden.

Implement Designs That You Want

When using a design service, they will offer advice and guidance, but it is ultimately your designs that will be turned into a finished design. If you want separate planting and seating areas, or a wild section to encourage wildlife and insects, then your designer will implement these requirements into the finished plan.

Unique Ideas And Concepts

Many people know that they want a garden in which they can relax, or one that is ideal for entertaining throughout the year, but may not know exactly how to achieve the best results. A designed that creates these types of garden for their clients will have the experience and knowledge to be able to suggest unique ideas and concepts that their clients would not have thought of. They understand the garden space, how certain designs and particular items interact with the garden area, and they can use this knowledge to your advantage.

Advice And Consultation

While your garden designer will listen to your requirements and your ideas, some are simply not practical or possible. Certain types of plants will not grow in particular soil types or in specific areas of a garden, while size, space, and even planning permission requirements may further dictate what you can and cannot implement in a garden design. An experienced designer will listen to your requirements, and advise on whether they are achievable.

Maintenance Plans And Advice

Some garden design services can offer regular maintenance plans, or they can create a garden that requires very minimal maintenance. In all cases, they will provide details of what will need doing and when, including details of treating and maintaining buildings and decking, as well as weeding and gardening.

Cost Considerations

You should set your budget as early as possible in the design consultation process. While it will cost you to use a garden designer, their contacts with other contractors like builders, pavers, and electricians, as well as their plant and design knowledge means that you could recoup the cost before the design is even implemented when compared to trying to go it alone.

The Garden Club London designs functional and attractive gardens, including rooftop and urban gardens. They offer free consultation to local clients and can help you achieve the type of garden design that you want.

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1) Consider first impressions

The old adage goes “You don’t get a second chance to make a first impression.” Just as we make instant judgments on people, we also make them on properties. Go and stand outside your house. What do you see? If you notice dead plants, cracks in the paving and dusty window ledges, so will potential buyers. Have a bit of a clean up, and invest in some colourful, fresh plants and hanging baskets. A positive impression from the outside will mean viewers that are excited to come inside and see more.

2) Don’t be afraid to accessorise

There is no need to be afraid of accessorising, as long as it is done well. Sterile, showroom-style homes are unappealing to many, whereas a home that looks lived in offers a certain charm. This also helps viewers imagine living there themselves. Bookshelves, coffee tables, lamps and flowers are all fantastic touches. Just be careful not to do too much, or you run the risk over making the room look cluttered.

3) Be a master of disguise

If there are elements of your home on the more tired side, take steps to disguise them. For example, if your sofa has seen better days, invest in a new throw and selection of pillows. Choose subtle colours that compliment the room, so that the eye isn’t instantly drawn in that direction. Then put the emphasis on the stronger elements. For example, if you have a stunning dining table, make sure it is well-lit and easy to spot upon entering the room. Be sure to always see things from a non-biased perspective, and be prepared to see both the good and bad parts of your home. You can also ask for help from your estate agent if you need a fresh pair of eyes.

4) Leave the colouring in to the kids

One of the quickest ways to put off potential house-buyers is with vibrantly coloured walls. Walls painted entirely in bright yellows, oranges, pinks and greens will become the focus of the viewing, and not in a good way. Not only will they distract viewers from seeing the positives of your home, they will also prevent them from envisaging their own belongings in the room. Stick to neutral colours, like white, pale yellow, pale grey or beige. This brings the added benefit of creating the illusion of space and light.

5) Don’t overspend

A final thought. A designer chandelier in an affordable one-bed flat will look out of place. Always bear in mind the market price of your home. Furnishings and home decor should match accordingly.

How To Design Your Living Room

When moving into a new place, be it your first apartment or a family home for the future, everyone knows that decorating is the most exciting part. However, a living room in particular presents many challenges: not only is it the family hub, a space for relaxation and fun in your private sphere, but also where you entertain guests and hold parties. Follow our tips to create a comfortable, yet lively living room.

Choose Your Sofa Well

The sofa is the bedrock of any living room, big or small. Choosing the right sofa is a monumental task in itself: it’s your space for an afternoon catnap, for fitting party guests on, and for family and friends to curl up in front of a film, and it’s also the focal point of the room, tying your decor ideas together. Before heading to a store, think carefully about the amount of space and shape you have to play with in your room - a small graduate pad will usually have space for a small sofa against a wall, while a larger open plan kitchen/living room would benefit from a corner sofa to divide up the space without being too bulky. Visit show rooms and take pictures of your space to get some practical ideas.

Be Smart About Storage

Once your sofa is picked out and fully approved, it’s time to consider your storage solutions - a living room will need to hold what you need to live, so think carefully about the books, magazines, and DVD cases you have with regards to shelving. A large dresser can be fitted to a wall and function as a TV/entertainment cabinet and store these items in the shelves and cupboards for a clean and simple storage solution, perfect for a period home. Alternatively, look out for individual pieces or matching sets of coffee tables, cabinets, and shelves. Make sure that any storage furniture is suitably durable, and at the very least ensure that there is a place to put down a cup of coffee and slice of cake.

Keep To Colour Schemes

When choosing your furniture and accents, it’s important to make sure that they all blend well together. A mix-and-match look is effective but has to be done right so it doesn’t look cluttered, so ensure that you have a base material or colour to tie everything in. For example, choose a sofa in a block colour and use this block colour to choose co-ordinating prints for curtains, cushions, and rugs. And of course, think about the colours with regards to the use of the room - a white sofa won’t stay so for long with young children around.

Transform your understairs space to a stylish downstairs bathroom

Understairs cupboards and spaces shouldn’t just be reserved for brooms, empty boxes and Harry Potter.

Transforming your dusty and underused space into a downstairs toilet is both a practical and a moneymaking solution. Phil Spencer, of Location, Location, Location fame, reckons a new bathroom can put nearly 3% onto the value of a house. Who can argue with an incentive like that?

The practicalities should be dealt with first, most notably the waste pipes. You’ll need one for the toilet and one for the sink. Solutions for how this can be done continue to grow in number. Walls, doors and lighting will also need to be sorted if these aspects are not already in place. Choosing wisely will save you time and money down the line.

When it comes to your sink, companies like Click Basin offer a variety of solutions, from wall-mounted basins to basins for cabinets. It’s also important to remember that sinks aren’t just made of white ceramic these days. Black marble and frosted glass are also available, and many of Click Basin’s sinks come with both the taps and plugs included.

Picking the right shape is another decision to be made. Click Basin offer such a wide variety within their Space Saving range that you aren’t limited in your options. It’s up to you to decide whether you fancy a classic shape or a round, square, rectangular or oval design. Impress guests with a unique pedestal stand and round sink, or choose a highly practical design and pick a sink mount equipped with towel holder or shelves. Corner sinks are an ideal solution for a smaller space, and if you have the room, corner shelving can be fitted above to create storage for basics like hand wash and an air-freshener.

When it comes to selecting your toilet, a number of options are available. Be sure to pick a slim design, and consider investing in a soft close toilet seat. This will help minimise noise that could disturb other guests downstairs.

If you aren’t contending with a sloped ceiling, try placing the toilet against the farthest wall. This should leave enough room on either side for a toilet roll holder and any cleaning equipment. If your cupboard or space does have a sloped ceiling, always take into consideration the height of any men who will be using your new toilet. The toilet should be positioned so it can be used while standing up.

As for the finishing touches, we all know by now just how useful mirrors can be for creating the illusion of space. Finally, a smart door handle or knob will entice your guests inside, where a practical yet stylish room is sure to await.

(Phil Spencer source-

Decor Idea: Countryside Cottage Bedroom

With Modern Classic as one of the top interior design trends for SS15, it’s no wonder that country style decor is coming back into style. Think wooden furniture with plaid or floral print textiles as an introduction to playing with patterns. Bringing back the style of a simpler life, a countryside cottage style bedroom is easily customisable to stay light and airy in the summer and warm and cozy in the autumn and winter.


Obviously the focal point of a bedroom, a comfy and stylish bed will form the core of your country cottage room - so think big. A beautiful wooden bed frame is a sturdier and more durable investment than a metal frame, and is a fresh natural base upon which you can build up textures with soft textiles. Complete this section of the room by choosing bedding in mixed yet coordinating prints, layering blankets and cushions to your comfort level.


In lieu of a full dressing room as in the days of yore, add what little touches you can to blend your wardrobe and dressing area into the room. Match your bed to a solid wooden wardrobe and chest of drawers, either in an antique or modern cut, for a country vibe without being too ‘log cabin’. Add a full-length mirror, placed where it strikes natural light for practicality. If you have the space, a vintage dressing screen is a cute way to add in some extra wooden textures and add some decor, especially if you are limited with changing the wall colours.

Colour Schemes

A country cottage design scheme is a great chance to be bold with colours if you’ve been put off before, and mattern mixing is a really integral element - it is all supposed to look homemade. A base of white is a great neutral scheme if you are a little wary, and you can add pastel furnishings as a pop of colour to get started. If you’re feeling more adventurous, bright citrus colours like lemon yellow and lime green bring sunshine into the room. Mix and match with different sized prints, keeping one colour as a constant in all pieces.

Finishing Touches

For your perfect little cottage room, don’t forget the final finishing touches to your decor. Paintings of countryside views or flowers are an elegant nostalgic touch to brighten up any plain wall. If you have smaller photographs, art prints, or mirrors, be sure to frame them in either a straight wooden frame or a more ornate white to add a vintage touch to them. Add a textured rug to soften up a hard floor, and you’re in the countryside already.

Time to Design a Reverse Mortgage?

Whether you currently are a senior citizen or are approaching that age, how are you doing financially?

Unfortunately, many senior citizens find the economic conditions across the nation in 2015 a tad challenging. For those that do, making monthly payments on mortgages or rents, health insurance, utilities and even daily food necessities can be quite challenging.

When it comes to their homes, many seniors have invested decades of time and money in order to set themselves up for years of happiness.

So, what are some options for them if today’s times are proving to be more difficult than originally thought?

Where Will the Money Come From?

For some seniors, turning to a reverse mortgage could be the financial answer they’ve been looking for.

One of the first questions they may ask themselves is how does a reverse mortgage work?

To simplify matters, a reverse mortgage can be the financial tool that you need to get you over the financial hump.

Some factors to keep in mind with reverse mortgages:
  1. Qualifications – Reverse mortgages are financial options for those senior citizens over the age of 62 and who do not have financial liens against their homes. The residence needs to be owned minus any prior existing liens, and also be able to be sufficient from a reverse mortgage. In essence, a good financial track record can certainly work to your benefit, while any past or current financial issues can prove problematic;
  2. Borrowing and distribution – There is no exact monetary figure as far as how much can be borrowed without research of your current financial situation, your current age, and of course how valuable your residence is. If you are approved on a reverse mortgage, the loan amount may be farmed out several ways. You might get the money in the form of monthly installments as long as you maintain residence in the home or you may receive monthly payments that will only occur for a set period of time;
  3. Homeowner passes away – In most cases, the reverse mortgage loan must not be reimbursed until the final remaining homeowner either dies or moves out of the residence. When that occurs, the loan is then tied to the estate, with survivors given a minimum of six months to complete paying off the loan or putting the home up for sale to cover the reverse mortgage loan costs;
  4. Applying the reverse mortgage – Senior citizens oftentimes will use a reverse mortgage for a variety of things. Some of these include having extra finances for home repairs, paying down property taxes, or even using the funds for medical expenses. In the first case, putting some or all of the money towards home repairs can be beneficial on a couple of fronts. One, it makes the value of the home over the long run increase when the home’s maintenance is kept up to date. Two, it can also keep the individual/individuals in the home longer, allowing them more comfort and possibly delaying moving into a seniors’ center, a nursing home, or even with family.

If a reverse mortgage is something you’ve been mulling over recently, do your research and get the facts to see if you should come home to such a loan.

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Services Offered by Reeves Home and Garden

Reeves Home and Garden offer a huge range of services. So many, in fact, that they have had to divide it into three different areas. Before looking, therefore, at who Reeves Home and Garden are, let’s review the three different service areas they work across.

Three Service Areas

The areas of work in which Reeves Home and Garden specializes are:
  1. Construction services. This includes such things as garage conversions, building extensions, property renovations and loft conversions.
  2. Hard and soft landscaping, including full landscape design projects. They can offer patios, decking, gates, water features and lighting.
  3. Bathroom construction, including full bathrooms, wet rooms, kitchens and en-suites.

About Reeves Home and Garden

Reeves Home and Garden has been operating for around a quarter of a century. During this time, they have built up a reputation as being one of the most knowledgeable and high quality companies in their industry. Over time, they have specialized and honed their skills, culminating in the three specific service areas as listed above.

The goal for Reeves Home and Garden is to make sure every client is 100% satisfied with the work that is done for them. They believe that their attention to detail and excellent customer service is what has given them the reputation they have today, and they want to make sure that they continue to deserve that reputation. Every project they embark on receives individual director attention. The focus is strongly on quality control and all customers are encouraged to provide feedback at any point during the process. Looking through some of the examples of the work that has been completed by this company, it quickly becomes clear that they are very deserving of their reputation.

Some of the Work that Reeves Does

The list of potential jobs that Reeves can take on is almost endless. However, some of these include:
  • Changing the layouts of existing rooms and otherwise modernizing and renovating interior construction.
  • Building porches, extensions and dormers to a property, as well as converting rooms such as lofts and garages.
  • Creating new purpose rooms, such as wet rooms, offices and bedrooms.
  • Building garages, both detached or integrated, as well as turning these into different types of rooms.
  • Creating an en-suite out of a small bedroom.
  • Increasing the size of a kitchen by knocking through a wall.
  • Creating walk in wet rooms with beautiful lighting and underfloor heating.
  • Redesigning and building a garden to create beautiful outdoor living spaces.
  • Building ponds, thereby helping to attract wildlife and birds.
  • Removing walls to increase the size of a living room.
  • Fitting new types of doors.
  • Building patios and garden paths.
  • Building decking. 
This is just a short list of the possibilities that Reeves can offer. At present, the only home service they do not offer is kitchen remodeling. However, this may be added to their list of services at a later date, if there is any demand for it. Essentially, they are able to take the shell of a house and turn it into a dream home.

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QS Supplies introduces to you their fascinating world of bathroom trends

Who says that traditional bathroom products cannot be used in contemporary settings? Infact most can easily find a place in our modern homes and offices and that too with advantages that outweigh their modern counterparts. You will be surprised at the sheer variety and quality of designing and practical utility of products that reflect Victorian styling. QS Supplies are confident that your experience with one of their creations will be enjoyable to a point of distraction. One look at these solid, eye-catching bathroom products will almost compel you to adopt these and take them home.

The Chandelier Shower

Would you like to bring an aura of stateliness and grandeur to your very modern bathroom? Take a look at this Chandelier Shower. Their expert craftsmen have magnificently used an 18th century chandelier as a base and transformed it into a useful yet luxurious shower area utility. Intricately and delicately crafted into a shower head, it assures you many a charming and enjoyable shower under its regal canopy. Its glass is resplendent and exudes an air of majestic pomp and glory, enhancing the ambience of the bathroom. Now, shower in style with our Chandelier shower and experience status and luxury like the days of yore.

The Digital Tap

In complete contrast to the showerhead is the very modern, hi-tech Digital tap. QS Supplies created it with only one principle in mind—Multi-tasking. Featuring an awe-inspiring combination of a phone, music system and a bath mixer tap, this one indulges you like no other fixture. Now listen to music of your choice or catch up with the latest gossip with friends while soaking away the blues in the bathtub. Its digital technology allows the user to pre-set the temperature of the bath water, your choice of song and other settings. These can be controlled with a help of a button or remote. The Digital tap makes all this and more a real possibility, saving you the most precious commodity and that is “time”.

The Digital Toilet Roll Holder 

Waterfall Tap with Iphone & Remote

The digital toilet paper holder is another out-of-the box solution to simplify your everyday toilet routine. Essentially a toilet paper holder is basic utility has now been repackaged and marketed with improved styling and quality, some brands even co-coordinating it with the WC unit or other fixtures. Most holders require a regular refilling of fresh paper that has to be manually done and can be cumbersome to remember. Also, when pulling out paper, there is a possibility that you may end up creating a mess on the floor if you mistakenly pull out more than what you need. To avoid such embarrassing situations and keep the area immaculately clean, QS Supplies has come up with the Digital-TP-dispenser. This eliminates unnecessary wastage of toilet paper by rendering a fixed no of sheets at a time which can be pre-fed into its system. It also auto-computes the dispensing capacity and displays the amount of toilet paper remaining and when it would need a refill.

How To Make The Most Of Your University Room

Your university room whether in halls, a shared house or flat is your home from home while you are studying. The secret to making it ‘your’ unique space and keeping it practical is to recognise the various uses it will be put to.

Along with your study, it will double as your bedroom, entertainment hub and, depending on your accommodation, maybe your dining room. You probably won’t want to spend a fortune on jazzing it up, and neither will you need to. There are plenty of inexpensive yet effective ways of creating a comfortable and comforting abode.

The practicalities

You may up sticks and move more than once during your time at university. Therefore, it won’t be viable to have permanent fixtures – nor will it be likely that you’ll have a landlord who will be relaxed about you making permanent fixings. So be careful if you’re thinking of wielding hammer and nails.

Start with existing personal effects

A good method is to start with personal thing you know and love. Favourite books, posters and other odds and ends could form the basis of the ‘good clutter’ you’ll have in your room.

Be careful of the clichéd items such as the ‘Keep Calm and Carry On’ posters and the French Art Nouveau and Black Cat posters - everyone seems to have them, they’re pretty old hat.

A good bed

If your room doesn’t already have one, a good bed is worth its weight in gold. An old, saggy one may be cheaper, but there’s nothing worse than an uncomfortable night’s sleep and running the risk of backache.

If parents or other family are offering to buy you something - or you’ve managed to squirrel some money away from your summer job - then investing in a decent bed is worth it. A divan type is ideal - and perhaps one with some inbuilt storage such as some variants from the Divan Beds Centre are worth looking at to make the most of your space.

Washi tape

This tape is a great way of creating frames, general patterns or spelling out words without needing fixings or glue. Available in all sorts of colours and patterns, it may become a staple of your ‘room enhancing’ kit.


An obvious one, but get creative with your photos and if you’re a keen photographer with some good pictures in your collection then print them off and give them an airing. A section of black and white photos blown up on a photo printer could form a fun display.

Tapestry and curtains

Tapestries are a great way of combating the landlord’s reluctance to let you paint. A printed tapestry can help hide the uninspiring wall colour, make your room unique and homely and can be rolled up easily when it’s time to move out.

A colourful pair of curtains might be worthwhile if the present ones are a bit uninspiring. Again, they can be removed in an instant when you up sticks and move.

Your home from home

Once you get thinking and collect ideas, turning your university room into your personalised space within the constraints of temporary accommodation can be creative and fun.

Kamis, 13 Agustus 2015

Tips To Make Residential Plumbing Repair Easier

If you do not have enough skills regarding the plumbing process, then you may follow the best guide that lets you grab some useful skills and knowledge. Most of the house owners have a lot of difficulties trying to solve their plumbing problems. The frequent repairs require a huge amount of money as well as time, so they are searching for effective alternative options. There are several options available to get relief from these issues, but only few techniques make the plumbing process much easier. In order to obtain the merit, you should gain some plumbing knowledge in a proper manner. The learning process helps you to protect your house from water damages. Along with this, it also saves you money. Just follow the simple repair tasks.

Prevent damages from unwanted leaks

The leaking process does not require professional plumbing skills. You can easily find out the leaks in your piping under the kitchen or bathroom sinks. Many individuals have got an effective idea regarding the leaks so they are doing some repairing works immediately. If the leakage is high, then you should simply hire plumbing expert to reduce the possibility of severe leakage. In order to overcome these issues, you may find the external dripping taps in order to avoid future problems. Along with this, you can also check out your washing device pipes and dishwasher regularly. This useful process helps you to find any bulging, leaks and cracking in your pipes. If you have any problems, you can fit the new pipes immediately.

Avoid pipes from freezing

When you live in a cold area, your pipes begin freezing so you can prevent this issues from occurring. You can insulate your water tank and the pipes properly. If you fail to follow this process, it may block the pipes and create much damage. Plus, you should check the pipes regularly during chilly months. This useful procedure helps you preventing your pipes from freezing. If the pipes freeze, you may prefer the hot water pot. During the process, you do not need to use a gun heater or blow torch.

Make the Drains Extremely Free

You should not put food items under your kitchen sink. Along with this, never use any kind of clumpy material in your bathroom. This useful process helps you to avoid different kinds of blockage.

Hire a Reputed Pluming Specialist 

If you find any difficulties while performing the plumbing tasks or works, you may hire an effective plumbing professional or specialist. SPS Plumbers have specialized skills to complete the plumbing task in a fast and accurate manner. In addition, they also check out the pipe lines in a thorough manner. The useful checking process not only solves minimal problems, but also avoids bigger problems. Choosing the best plumbing professional is not an easy task, because some service providers bring you inappropriate services. In order to overcome the issues, you may get help from friends or family members. You can also utilize the online websites in order to gain information regarding available plumbing companies. It not only gives you certain details, but also allows you to hire affordable and reliable service providers.

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Home Enhancement Ideas - Shop for Furniture Online

Home Enhancement Ideas - Shop for Furniture Online
One of the ideal ways to improve the environment at your home is to invest in some good furniture and bringing about the necessary changes. It is often said that it is the furnishings that either make or break your home. Thus, it is extremely necessary to buy ideal furniture in accordance to the style of your particular house.

Nowadays, it is better that you buy furniture online as it allows you to save a lot of time and energy and also renders other fruitful benefits as well. The virtual medium is indeed a good option but then again, there is the need to select the ideal online store that is rich in experience, provides huge array of furniture shopping options and offers good price sensibility factor.

Create beautiful home environment with modern furniture

It is a mere fact that in this today’s world, there is tough competition just about everywhere. Even when it comes to home improvement, you always have the deep desire to have the best furniture in your entire neighborhood.

Right from the living room to your dining place, you definitely want the best makeover for each and every area of your home. This is where the ideal online furniture supplier comes to the forefront as an ultimate shopping guide for all your home improvement essentials. It is here that you can
  • Shop by type- The word furniture is collectively used to describe a number of furnishing items. Hence, it is your duty to go for that online store where you can get hold of the most finest as well as the largest collection of furnishing items. Some of the most popular ones include cabinets, food storage units, stands and racks, chairs and tables, swings and stools, entertainment units and many more.
  • Shop by area- It is to be clearly understood that similar kind of furniture can’t be placed in all areas of your home. Just imagine how weird it will be to have some beautiful sofa in your dining area. Hence, it is always advisable that you choose the ideal store that gives you the option to shop in accordance to the different areas of your house. Al l you need to do is to visit the relevant website and choose those products that will suit the particular area of your home.
  • Shop by style- When you opt to buy furniture to bring about the changes in the existing environment of your home, it will be all the more convenient to navigate the online store when you have the choice to purchase furnishings in accordance with the style of your home. Hence, if you are looking for some stylish contemporary furniture or traditional or even rustic, you will definitely find all that you desire right here.

Amish Furniture Factory is one of the excelling and reliable online furniture providers where you can find the best heirloom quality furniture of them all. It is here that you can shop the widest variety of furnishing items and make your home look splendid all the way.

Home Improvement Ideas-Select Ideal Air Conditioning Installation Company

In today’s world an air conditioner has become a necessity rather than a comfort or a luxury. It is indeed pleasurable and feels wonderful to walk into a cool room. You instantly feel relaxed. Buying an apt air conditioner that suits all your home requirements is the first step. The second step is to hire a leading air conditioning installation expert who is capable of rendering good services at rates that suit your budget.

There is indeed a whole bunch of companies that offer such electrical services. Nonetheless, you cannot just trust anyone who comes along. You need to act smart enough to choose the most reliable one amongst all of them. This article has come about with some vital considerations that you need to look after before deciding on a company.

8 essential factors to consider
  • First and foremost, it is important to check out whether the electricians are trained and qualified enough to handle all the latest methods that are associated with installation of a modern day and advanced air conditioners.
  • One of the important aspects is whether you can actually trust your concerned company or not. If you are able to communicate in a free and open manner and you realize that they actually listen to all your electrical problems, just go for that company.
  • It is important that you select the right ventilation and heating system. Alternatively, you can also have a talk with the air conditioning installation expert as to which heating system would be good for your home.
  • Make sure that the company offers a variety of electrical services. Such needs and demands differ from one household to the other. Thus, if a company serves the same services for all the homes then, it obviously results in bad productivity.
  • It is extremely necessary to pay heed to the experience factor as well. It is the amount of rich and valuable experiences that really counts. This will help in communicating the versatility of the company i.e., the varied kinds of electrical challenges undertaken by them in the past.
  • The one main point that you need to remember is indeed the budget. It is highly recommended that you go for that company that will offer you good electrical services at affordable rates. In addition to this, it is of utmost necessity to discuss the maintenance charges as well as any other hidden fees applicable for the installation of an air conditioning system at your home.
  • It is equally important to know whether the company is licensed or not. Only a registered company can offer you standard services that reflect safety and cleanliness.
  • Lastly, make sure that you visit the relevant website of the company. By doing so, you will come to know about the real credibility of the electricians.

Go for the leading air conditioning installation expert and ensure a one stop solution for your entire electrical problems, installation and other related requirements.

How To Add Antiques To Your Home Without Changing The Decor

If you appreciate the craftsmanship of antique pieces, then you may be considering adding a few piece to your home. While you might have found some antique pieces that you love, you may be unsure about how to add them to your home.

When it comes to investing in antique pieces, many people struggle to work out the best ways to integrate them into their homes. But, believe it or not, adding antique pieces to your home doesn’t have to be difficult.

You see, when it comes to decor, mixing pieces from different times together - antique and modern, will give your home a stylish look. By mixing and matching different pieces together you can customize your home in a unique way.

To help make things easier for you, when it comes to adding antique pieces to your home, we have put together some useful tips, below:

Don’t rush your purchases

When it comes to investing in antique furniture, don’t make the mistake of rushing. If you want to choose pieces that are timeless, well designed and will work well in your home, take your time.

Visit lots of different antique stores to see what pieces are on offer - this will help you to choose the right pieces. As well as looking locally, branch out a little bit and visit online antique stores, to see what else is on offer. There are lots of online antique stores to choose from, but make sure to visit LoveAntiques, as it comes recommended.

Keep your old furniture

Don't get rid of your modern furniture when you add antique pieces to your home. Just because you want to add antique pieces to your home, that doesn’t mean that there is no place for your other furniture.

Mixing traditional and contemporary furniture is a look that is in at the moment. So don’t feel like you have to get rid of your existing furniture to make way for antique pieces, instead mix and match.

Add contrast

Once you have found places for all your furniture - antique and modern, the next step is to add contrasting elements. Adding a few contrasting elements to your home will help to pull the design together.

For instance, if you have lots of dark wooden pieces mixed with cream, vintage pieces, adding some bold, bright colors would work well. This would make the room look more striking and would pull the entire design together.

Don’t go crazy with colors

When it comes to choosing pieces of antique furniture, it’s a good idea to limit the amount of colors. Aim to keep the color palette of the furniture as simple as possible, so that you don’t end up with too many colors in one room.

Adding too many pieces with different stains, varnishes, and colors, could make your home look too mismatched. So make sure to be careful not to go too crazy when it comes to the colors of the pieces that you choose.

If you follow the simple tips in this guide, you should find that integrating antique pieces is much easier than you thought it would be.

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Brighten Up Your Home with These Exterior Tips

We spend a lot of time decorating the inside of our homes, but we don't always pay a lot of attention to the outside. If you look at the exterior of your house and think that it seems a little boring, you don't have to put up with it. A lot of properties look fairly plain, with mostly neutral colors on the outside. You can brighten up your home with the addition of something more colorful, whether it's the window frames or the entire building. Get out a pot of paint, buy some colorful siding or even grow some plants to give your home some extra character.

Outstanding Accents

If you want to give your house some more color but you don't want to go overboard, think about adding some accents. With only a pot of paint and a paintbrush, you could transform your home from drab to beautiful. It's easy to make some big changes just by painting your front door and around the windows. Doing this will immediately give your home the lift you're hoping for. And if you don't want to make any huge changes, this is one of the best options. You don't have to pick anything too bright. It could be a pastel shade or something light and airy.

The Bold Approach

You might be willing to change the color of a larger area of your home. If you're prepared to alter the walls, there are several things you can do to brighten up the exterior. The first thing is just painting. You can pick a color and paint the walls, so they make one smooth block, broken up by the windows and doors. Another option is to add siding to your home or change the shade to a different one, if you already have it.

Colorful Planting

Perhaps you're happy with the exterior of the building, but you still want to add some more color or texture. Even if you don't have a yard at the front of your house, you can plant some beautifully colorful plants. When you have plenty of room, you can choose to have trees and bushes that produce bright blooms or even just attractive leaves. For example, Crepe Myrtle Trees can flower in red, white, pink or purple for a stunning summer look. If you don't have much space, use potted or hanging plants at the front of the house.

Add Extra Features

There are lots of embellishments that you can add to your home too, such as lights. If you want to put focus on your front door, putting a light either side can introduce emphasis. You could also add a new knocker. Another thing that draw attention to your home is installing shutters. They look beautiful and they're great for keeping the heat out in the summer and in during the winter.

It's easier than you might think to add some color to the exterior of your home. Whether you want to spend a little money or a lot, there's an option you can use to brighten up your house.

Sabtu, 01 Agustus 2015

Make A Statement In Your Dining Room

When thinking of dining room décor, it is easy to think of the classic style décor. But things have moved on and modern twists can be put on this important room in the house. More and more people are deciding to be a bit more adventurous with home décor and that should not mean that the dining room is left out because there is a real opportunity to make it into a special room for entertaining and family meals. Here are a few ideas about how you might be able to make a home décor statement with your dining room.

Use Colour

Many believe that using minimalist colours in the dining room will make it a more comfortable and welcoming room for when you are entertaining guests. However, while this has some positives, using colour to make a bit of a statement should not be ruled out. Using bright colours such as pink or yellow as part of a feature wall add a sense of personality and warmth to the room. It also makes your dining room unique and memorable.

Focal Point

There should be a dominant focal point of furniture in your dining room. The main contender for this role is the dining table and chairs. If you get this selection correct then it will become the main eye-catching feature in your dining room. It has to be something comfortable to sit at but also a great space to entertain and have family meals. Choosing the correct size and style to fit your décor will be key.

Use A Theme

Having a theme to the room is a great way to create its identity. This can be something to cater to your personal taste or something you feel fits the room. For example if you have large glass doors backing onto the garden then an “outside in” theme would look great and creates a completely unique space. Alternatively, if you have a passion for Chinese culture then it would be a great way to display collected items to create a great space for you to display your skills in the kitchen.

A Personal Touch

The dining room could be a great place to portray all of your favourite memories. One idea for example would be to transfer your best photos from your favourite holidays onto canvas and display them around the room. Not only would this turn the room into a space to remind you of your fondest memories but it also becomes a great conversation starter for when you are entertaining family or friends.