Selasa, 02 Juni 2015

Apply the beauty of natural coral into decorating your home

For a long time, the beauty of natural coral is seen in its variety of colors and intricate shapes. Architects has brought the ideas applying the beauty of coral into decorating house. It is an environmentally friendly way to pay homage to its appeal is through coral-inspired designs. Coral’s unique formations provide a stylish inspiration forwallpaper, fabric coverings, lighting and many more designs. Coral is actually a translucent animal, but it takes on a variety of hues due to the billions of colorful algae it hosts. Today 22 coral species are listed as threatened per the Endangered Species Act.

Coral reefs begin when a coral larva attaches to a rock on the sea floor, divides and grows into thousands of coral polyps. Polyps connect to one another to create colonies that expand over time and join other colonies to become reefs. Today’s coral reefs began growing up to 50 million years ago.

However, the bold hue of red coral can still be achieved in an environmentally friendly way. Sherwin-Williams’ named Coral Reef its 2015 Color of the Year. Here are four more great ways to blend coral-inspired designs into your home.

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