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The Most Expensive Homes for Sale and Rent in NYC

If you're a fan of real estate, you might know that Chairman Wes Edens paid $17 million for a home in the Central Park West area of NYC or that actress Sarah Jessica Parker dropped more than $10 on a home in the city for her family. With hundreds of homes and apartments priced at more than $10 million in the city, it's not surprising that some of the most expensive homes for sale and rent are in New York City.

East 62nd Street

The home located at 12-16 East 62nd Street takes up nearly an entire city block. Rumor has it that a wealthy business owner from Brazil purchased multiple units for sale and tore down the connecting walls to make one large home for his family. Featuring several floors of living space and several rental units, this home seldom goes on the market. The last time the owner listed it with an agent, it had an asking price of $120 million.

Vincent Viola Mansion

Unless you're a fan of professional sports, the name Vincent Viola may mean little to you. Viola and his wife were already quite wealthy when they purchased a National Hockey League franchise, which helped them put even more money in the bank. The couple purchased a large home on the Upper East Side and did massive renovations, including adding a new swimming pool and a large movie theater. When the couple decided to list the home for sale, it went on the market for $114 million.

The Surrey Hotel Presidential Suite

If you have a few million dollars burning a hole in your pocket and aren't committed to owning a home, you can rent The Surrey Hotel Presidential Suite for $450,000 a month. Regarded as one of the most elegant apartments in NYC, the suite boasts more than 10 rooms, including a master bedroom, master bathroom, sitting room and multiple guest rooms. Located on the Upper East Side, the suite has more than 2,000 square feet space and offers impressive views of the city.

Berwind Mansion

While not quite as expensive as the suite at The Surrey Hotel, the apartment at the Berwind Mansion comes with a high price tag too. This apartment consists of more than 20 rooms that provide residents with all the space they need for sleeping, cooking, doing business and even entertaining. Though the apartment occasionally rents for $80,000 a month, demand can raise that price to $150,000 a month. This apartment is even so popular that a former resident once offered the owner more than $80 million to buy it outright.

River House Apartment

The River House is one of the most private and elite clubs in all of New York City, and it operates a co-op out of its building along the East River. Though the club attempted to find and secure a lease to rent the building, it eventually put the entire building on the market with an asking price of $130 million. This club has a total square footage of 62,000 feet, multiple rooms on five floors and gorgeous views of the water. Though celebrities and famous faces own some of the most expensive homes and apartments in NYC, anyone with money to burn will find places to buy or rent in the city.

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