Senin, 23 Maret 2015

Bright and update interior design if the Tribeca Loft in New York

The Tribeca Loft in New York was renovated for a single family with three children by the Studio LAB, reconfiguring the original layout since it had awkward spaces and a limited exposure to natural light as well as a d├ęcor that needed an update.

The family recently had a third child and thus they needed an additional bedroom so StudioLAB made the apartment more open with larger living areas and smaller quarters in the rear to ensure the functionality of each space.
The three children’s bedrooms were carved out the rear lower level and they are connected by a playroom and shared bathroom. The upper area hosts the master bedroom and bathroom above the children’s rooms and this mezzanine space is accessed via a newly added staircase.
Storage spaces are placed under the staircase to extend the kitchen and dining areas and the wall surfaces are predominantly white to integrate the ceiling and walls while also making the interior feel more spacious.

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