Minggu, 22 Maret 2015

Great interior design increase the feeling of space and comfortable of the inhabitants

The designer Rudolf Lesnak had refurbished the old dilapidated apartment in Bratislava, Slovakia and transformed into a luxurious contemporary loft which maximizes the space available through an ingenious design.
The loft spreads over a surface of 51 square meters and it was created to offer plenty of storage space with “made-to measure” furniture and an open plan living area to increase the feeling of space as well as the comfort of the inhabitants.

The same materials were used throughout the space to ensure a visual homogeneity and the floors in the kitchen are the same as in the living room. Most of the furniture is hung on the walls and the large equipment such as the computer or hi-fi components were placed in kitchen kits with cover less space.
At the entrance the designers placed the doors to the laundry room and bathroom which are made of frosted glass of full room height so that they act as walls. The kitchen is integrated with the living room and antechamber into a single space and the illumination is ensured by LED backlighting of different colors which is synchronized in all the parts of the apartment.

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