Senin, 11 Mei 2015

Inspiring of a gray interior design with rich decorative elements and a sleek look

Designed by the Viarde studio, Smolniy Park is a commercial visualization project of an interior which was performed for the Deluxe Home Creation studio.
The studio design has rich decorative elements and a sleek look.

The design features dark shades of gray and the rendition is highly realistic creating a calming and luxurious space which offers a bright living room with an open floor plan providing easy access to the kitchen or dining area and being a perfect area to host a dinner party.

The hallway has mirrored walls and is decorated by line drawings to feel larger and have its own character due to the artworks. The most impressive area is probably the walk in closet which offers a lot of racks and drawers along with plenty of room for dressing.

The bathroom is a place where the industrial ambiance is reduced with the aid of a candle area which makes it seem warmer and more romantic

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