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1) Consider first impressions

The old adage goes “You don’t get a second chance to make a first impression.” Just as we make instant judgments on people, we also make them on properties. Go and stand outside your house. What do you see? If you notice dead plants, cracks in the paving and dusty window ledges, so will potential buyers. Have a bit of a clean up, and invest in some colourful, fresh plants and hanging baskets. A positive impression from the outside will mean viewers that are excited to come inside and see more.

2) Don’t be afraid to accessorise

There is no need to be afraid of accessorising, as long as it is done well. Sterile, showroom-style homes are unappealing to many, whereas a home that looks lived in offers a certain charm. This also helps viewers imagine living there themselves. Bookshelves, coffee tables, lamps and flowers are all fantastic touches. Just be careful not to do too much, or you run the risk over making the room look cluttered.

3) Be a master of disguise

If there are elements of your home on the more tired side, take steps to disguise them. For example, if your sofa has seen better days, invest in a new throw and selection of pillows. Choose subtle colours that compliment the room, so that the eye isn’t instantly drawn in that direction. Then put the emphasis on the stronger elements. For example, if you have a stunning dining table, make sure it is well-lit and easy to spot upon entering the room. Be sure to always see things from a non-biased perspective, and be prepared to see both the good and bad parts of your home. You can also ask for help from your estate agent if you need a fresh pair of eyes.

4) Leave the colouring in to the kids

One of the quickest ways to put off potential house-buyers is with vibrantly coloured walls. Walls painted entirely in bright yellows, oranges, pinks and greens will become the focus of the viewing, and not in a good way. Not only will they distract viewers from seeing the positives of your home, they will also prevent them from envisaging their own belongings in the room. Stick to neutral colours, like white, pale yellow, pale grey or beige. This brings the added benefit of creating the illusion of space and light.

5) Don’t overspend

A final thought. A designer chandelier in an affordable one-bed flat will look out of place. Always bear in mind the market price of your home. Furnishings and home decor should match accordingly.

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