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Lawn Care Maintenance: How to Achieve the Perfect Cut

You spend hours slaving away making your garden, specifically your grass, look as amazing as the inside of your house does. For those who take pride in their home, it often extends out into the garden with it being the finishing touch to the perfect home. Fundamental to this is keeping your lawn perfectly trimmed and neatly cut. There are a plethora of options; cut into lines, elaborate patterns or eye-catching features, despite all this, it remains essential that your lawn is maintained and cut to perfection.

The Equipment

To keep your lawn perfectly trimmed and looking sharp, you need the right equipment. The right lawn mower is the most important piece of equipment in the gardener’s toolkit. There are a wide variety on the market and finding the right one for you is an important part of achieving the perfectly cut lawn. They vary in price, size and functionality which may depend on the size of your garden. Shears are also essential for maintaining a neat cut around the edge and any flower beds you may have.

The Process

When you have chosen the perfect accessory to keep your lawn perfectly cut there are a list of essential steps to follow. Firstly it is important to ensure the blades are the perfect height for the look you’re aiming for, a vital thing is to remember is the golden rule; not cutting more than one third of the length of your grass. When you have set up your blades and are ready to begin you must keep several things in mind:

  • Start from the outside and work in or side to side in order ensure you don’t trample the cut grass.
  • Keep the lead over your shoulder so as to avoid any unnecessary pressure on freshly trimmed grass.
  • Whilst cutting, it is recommended that you turn and cut half of where you previously cut in order to ensure each blade of grass is the same length.

Another top tip is to regularly empty the collector to ensure that clumps of grass don’t form on the blades whilst cutting. To finish, it is important to ensure a clean cut with your shears.

Long-Term Care

The long-term care of your lawn is essential. The optimum height for a perfect lawn is two and a half centimetres and bearing in mind the earlier mentioned golden rule, it is clear that the perfect lawn is a long-term process, so progress will be slow and this requires time and patience. Ensuring good drainage and regular watering are important to keeping grass top quality. There are several video tutorials online which will guide you through the process, which will give you a visual example of the tips given. An alternative to the perfectly cut lawn is an artificial Grono lawn, which requires far less maintenance and gives the same look without the long-term process required with a live lawn. Artificial lawns provide a year round perfect grass look, which may be for you!

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