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Secret Havens to Explore in the UK

The UK has many wonderful travel destinations but what if you want to get away from the big crowds in hugely popular spots such as London, the Lake District and Edinburgh?

The good news is that there are some secret havens dotted around the country where you can have a fine time while relaxing and letting your stress just melt away.

The South West of Scotland

The South West region of Scotland is a delightful part of the country, with fantastic little towns such as Castle Douglas, Kirkcudbright and Gatehouse of Fleet. These towns have a number of interesting attractions. For instance, Castle Douglas is known as a gourmet food town, while Wigtown is regarded as Scotland's national book town, due to the number of book shops there. Even the weather often seems nicer here than in neighbouring regions. There are some long, sandy beaches along the coast and lots of lovely places to stop for something to eat and drink too. Historic structures such as castles and churches help make it fascinating from a cultural point of views as well. Dumfries is the easiest place to arrive to, while Castle Douglas makes for a wonderful base from which to explore the charms of the area.

The Yorkshire Moors

Calling the Yorkshire Moors a secret haven might seen a bit strong, as plenty of people are already aware of the beauty and allure of this fantastic part of England. However, there are also some less well known areas waiting to be explored. A good example in this case comes with the region to the north of Whitby. Not far from here you will find the stunning village of Sandsend, where the likes of the Sandsend holiday cottage offer a tranquil place to enjoy an unforgettable holiday. This region is famous for its food too, so be prepared to get spoiled for choice while you are staying here, with local Yorkshire delights and real ale on offer in many welcoming pubs. It is also easy to get to the Yorkshire Moors, although once you arrive you will feel as though you have drifted into a different worlds where everything is slower and the enjoyment of the simple pleasures of life is more intense.

The Pembrokeshire Coast 

This part of Wales is another region that you have probably heard of. Despite this, there are some incredible spots where you can find quiet beaches and the chance to sit back and reflect on life in a unique setting. In this case, we could look at the example of Porthmynawyd, which is near Newgale and is accessed by a footpath. It is a lovely little bay surrounded by lots of greenery. The protection it receives from the currents means that it is fantastic for swimming in, while the hidden caves here add to the overwhelming feeling of magic and mystery. Try some tasty local food in a pub or restaurant before heading off to explore more charming spots along this coast. You could also head out to Ramsey Island, where seals, dolphins and many different species of birds can be spotted.

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