Kamis, 04 Februari 2016

Handy Pointers For Attic Renovation

These days, attic renovations are becoming more and more popular. And why wouldn’t they be? So many people end up wondering about all the wasted space, or need another room when they realise they have a kid on the way. Whatever the reason you want to have your attic renovated, there’s a right way and a wrong way to go about it, as with everything. Understandably, you may be exuberant about the idea of your renovation. Yes, it will be lovely to have all that extra space to use, but you’re not going to get there without some pretty hard work. Here, I’ve thought of some helpful tips for undertaking this kind of work.

Don’t jump straight into looking at wallpaper styles or lavish rugs. First you need to make sure your attic is in the right condition to be renovated. You probably remember my recent post on stinky house syndrome. If you did all the treatment suggested there, and you’ve gotten used to the lovely, fresh smell of your home, you could be in for a nasty shock! Many people who decide to touch up their attic haven’t even been up there in years. It’s fairly common for a lot of horrible black mold to build up on the walls of the attic. Hopefully, this can be treated with your own means, but if the damage is severe enough you may need some professional mold remediation. This will ensure that the mold disappears and that the attic has less of a chance of being damaged in future.

Next, on to the aesthetic side of things. Make sure you use every single bit of available space when moving things into the room. For the most part, attics aren’t especially big, but some wise decisions in storage can really make a difference. There are many simple decoration tips you can use to stop the room feeling too enclosed, as well. Painting the ceiling in a simple pattern will draw people’s eyes, and make the whole attic feel a lot taller. Pulling furniture out so that it leaves a slight gap between it and the wall also creates a feeling of spaciousness. As with clothes, a large, striped rug can make a room seem much longer or wider. Ceiling fans can make a subtle accessory and will keep you refreshed in the summer. You’ll also want to use thick floor joists in the renovation in order to soundproof the attic. This will ensure you don’t keep people up all night simply by walking from one end to the other!

Hopefully these pointers have made your renovation seem like less of a mountain to climb! The end result may not quite measure up to the fantasies you’re having. Still, getting a decent attic renovation is rarely as difficult as people expect. Approach every job in a collected, methodical way, try to steer out of arguments with your partner, and everything will run smoothly. All great things take time, and I’m sure you’ll love finally being able to relax in your new room!

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