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How to Transform your Garden into a Stunning Place to Spend Time

Unfortunately, many gardens are neglected and are not the best places to spend time. They may be overgrown, poorly drained or not suitable for spending time in for other reasons. This is a waste of a valuable part of a home which could be put to better use. Those who develop their gardens and keep them maintained are able to entertain friends and family outside. This is something many homeowners wish they could do, especially during the warmer months of the year. These are some simple, but effective ways you can transform your garden into a stunning place to spend time alone, with family and with your friends.

Improve Underfoot Conditions

Some gardens are not appealing to walk on especially if you have to walk on grass or clay when it’s wet or there’s dew on the ground. However, adding garden paving to your garden or similar features will improve the underfoot conditions and make this area of your home more accessible more of the time. It’s a cleaner solution than simply having grass or clay underneath your feet and gives you the foundation to add other features to your garden such as outdoor furniture.

Add Lighting

A garden can be a magical place to entertain family and friends, especially during the warmer times of the year. However, many people are restricted to spending less time in their gardens because they don’t install the proper lighting. However, adding the proper types of light can change an ordinary garden into a spectacular place, friends and family will enjoy spending time in. The most effective types of outdoor lighting for a garden include outdoor wall lights, post lights, deck lights, outdoor recess lights, ground lights and LED flood lights. Adding some coloured lights adds to the effectiveness of your garden lighting even more.

Use the Power of Water

Water is another feature in a garden that adds magic to this part of a home. You don’t need to have a huge garden to add some kind of water feature outside your home. If you do have the space, you have more options, but it’s not always necessary. The most popular water features homeowners can add to their gardens include cascading water features, ponds, hand pumps, bird baths and fountains. Even more accessories are available to complement and enhance these water features, helping to bring your garden to life.

Keeping Warm in the Garden

Most entertaining that takes place in a garden normally occurs in the evening time or at night. Cold weather conditions often prevent this but there are ways to solve this problem. Once people feel comfortable they are more inclined to stay outdoors. The most effective way to do this is to invest in heating products that make it comfortable to spend time in a garden. Adding fire pits, fire places or patio heaters ensures that those in your garden won’t be complaining about the cold and will enjoy themselves more.

Thousands of gardens around the country are not used to their full potential. This is a mistake but making simple changes like those above can transform your garden into a stunning place to spend your time and entertain others.

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